Thursday, September 25, 2014


Este semana fue muy bién! This week has been amazing! I have learned so much, and I've only been here a week! I can't believe it. 

Earlier this week, we had a broadcast devotional with Elder M. Russell Ballard. He spoke at the MTC in Provo, and it was broadcast to many other MTCs. He talked about what he wished he had known when he was on his mission. Some of the points were 
1. To realize you do not know very much, but can get to know a lot.
2. Live in such a way that when the Lord asks you to do something, you are ready and can say "Here am I, send me"
3. Get as much education as you can. What you learn on your mission will help with everything else you have to do in life.
4. Get more in depth with the scriptures
5. Life is a process of setting goals.
6. Stay close to your families. Let them know what is happening. Let them live your mission with you.
7. Every soul is precious to our Father in Heaven.
8. Prayer. Find time to pour your heart out in personal, sacred, prayer.
9. Interview yourself. Are you doing everything you can to build the Kingdom of God? Do the best you can every single day of your mission. Let the powers of Heaven fall upon you.

One of his last statements that stuck with me was this: "You're going on His errand. He loves you. He'll watch over you."

Here in México, it is not the MTC, but is the CCM (pronounced se se emme), and stands for Centro de Capatación Misional.  Everyone here is so nice. The food is great, the weather is always nice... 

Mi compañera es Hermana Singer. She is from Houston, TX. Our roommates are Hermana Cook, from Orange County, CA and Hermana Hogge, from Kaysville, UT. They are so wonderful! I am so blessed to be able to work with these wonderful Hermanas. 

In our district, there are 6 Hermanas and 6 Elders. They are all so amazing! They are the best. Their testimonies strengthen mine everyday.

Ok, so it is totally cliché to hear missionaries say that Sunday is the best day... but I am going to say it anyway. SUNDAYS ARE THE BEST! Seriously though. The Spirit is so strong everyday of the week, but Sundays it is even more so! Sacrament Meeting was all in Spanish... which was pretty awesome. During the week, everyone in the ward is given the topic for the upcoming Sacrament meeting, and everyone writes a talk, and then on Sunday in Sacrament meeting, the Branch Presidency picks who will give their talk. I did not talk this last Sunday, and this coming Sunday is Fast Sunday, and then it is General Conference... So, maybe in a couple weeks, I will speak :)

This week, we taught our first "Investigator".. He will be our night teacher when we are done teaching him... but it is amazing. The lessons feel real. The Spirit is there. He asks us questions about certain aspects of the gospel, and we are able to answer them. It is such a special experience.

Today, we had two General Authorities come and speak to us. Elder Stephen B. Allen (Managing Director of the Church's Missionary Department) and Elder David F. Evans (Member of the 1st quorum of the 70, and also the Executive Director of the Church's Missionary Department)

Both of them gave such amazing talks. Elder Allen spoke about how our objectives as missionaries is more that Find, Teach, and Baptize. It should be Find, Teach, Baptize, and  Retain or Reactivate. Our focus should not only be baptism. It should also be on them making it to the temple and making those special covenants with our Heavenly Father.

He also said, "Be careful to listen to the right voice. The Holy Ghost will tell you all things which ye must do, but the Adversary will also talk to you. Only he will tell you that you can't do this. That you aren't strong enough, or smart enough, and that you should go home. DON'T LISTEN! You were called of God to serve this mission. He knows you can do this. Always remember that you will never regret going on your mission."
When he said this, it hit me so strongly. I have had doubts about whether or not I can do this, but his (Elder Allen's) witness and testimony builds my own testimony that I am here for a reason. God knows me, and knows what challenges I need to face in this life. I know that there are people in San Antonio, waiting for me to teach them.

I love you all so much. Thank you for all of your support!!
See you next week, TTFN!
Love, Hermana Dean

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Estoy Aquí

Hola mís amigos y familia!

Estoy aquí en México!

Today has been a fantastic day! Our flight left SLC at 7:10 this morning and arrived in Phoenix. Then we flew to México. It was a long day. I am so excited to be here though! I've even got my nametag. ;)

Well, that's all I can write for now!

Talk to you soon!

Hermana Dean

Thursday, September 11, 2014

One More Week!!!

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone by. I am so very excited. I've started fritzing out, just a little bit. You should see my mom, though. She's freaking out more than I am. It's cute though. 

So for the past year or so, I have been reading other Sister Missionary Blogs, which inspired me to create my own, to help other future Sister Missionaries.  In this post and some future posts, I'll take snippets of posts I have found extremely helpful. So here we go.

From Sister Case (
Her post is titled "Mission Be Betters"
  • Bring snacks, because there will be times you feel like you will truly starve.
  • Mints and Listerine strips shall be your new bff, missionaries cannot chew gum.
  • Earrings can only hang 1 inch from your earlobe
  • Write down birthdays, addresses, everything else you'll need, so you don't annoy your mother too much while you're on the mission
  • Make goals of what you want to get out of your mission and the MTC, so you have something to work and focus on.
  • Flashlight-bring one or die when trying to get off the top bunk.
  • Allow Elders to be gentlemen and open your doors and stuff. It won't kill you.
  • Our district president liked us to do district spotlights every night--where we spotlight one person, and each person asks the "spotlight" a question so we can get to know that Elder or Sister better, and then everyone goes around again and gives one compliment. It's a great way to bond!
  • We did spotlights in our bedroom too, and that helped us Sisters grow so much stronger together because you can be more personal, and it's just fun girl time.
  • You don't need ugly shoes
  • Be yourself
  • Make it a goal to make each of your companions your best friend
  • Make others feel welcome and try to get to know everyone as quick as possible. 
  • Smile CONSTANTLY. A smile can go a long way
  • Don't complain. Be positive!
  • You will survive fast Sundays. Don't cheat and it will be a great day,.
  • Have a bunch of  notebooks for different things--weekly plan out for emails, Christlike attribute notebook, companion notebook, daily miracles, grateful journal, favorite scriptures, one for meetings, a journal... anything you want.
  • Each night, write down 5 things your companion did that you admired or they did well that day, or things you like, and then "we're companions because...." and write a reason why you are together. If your mission president believes you two need to be together, then start figuring out why!
  • Bring pens you KNOW you love
  • Try to volunteer as much as possible at the MTC. The MTC is where you learn and train for the real deal. 
  • Bring a blanket
  • Be 5 minutes early for EVERYTHING
  • You can have logos and things on your t-shirts for gym time
  • Be honest and open with your teachers! They love and care for you and want to help in any way possible. Let them know of your fears and struggles and they will do everything they can do to build you up.
  • Go to the temple on P-day with a question in mind.
  • Be exactly obedient with your emailing and you'll see miracles from it.
  • Have your companion sign your 'dork dot'
  • Do something fun with your companion, We always match on Wednesdays. Find something and have fun with it.
  • Make a list of all the ways to make outfits. Such a time saver!
  • Eat wraps at the MTC..YUM YUM YUM
  • Each night, we chose one elder and wrote a whole list of how he's a great missionary and then gave it to all of them on the last night. It helped us think of ways that they help our district and helped us love them more
  • Watch Character of Christ at the MTC. Best Sunday movie
  • If you're like me and fail at opening letters, bring a letter opener.
  • Start NOW to memorize 1st Vision, D&C 4, How To Begin Teaching, and How To Be A Successful Missionary
  • Bring pepper spray... you never know if you'll need it.
  • Bring two large ziplock bags, and have one for "To Write" and the other for "Responded". Then you won't forget who you have already written back.
  • Carry a little picture book of your family and things you did before the mission. Everyone likes to see pictures and hear stories of those back at home.
  • Make sure you have a sit down with your bank, and that they understand what you're doing, so they don't put a stop on your card.
  • For those days when you feel like you're nothing: Write down the good things that your companion says during companion inventory. Sometimes you can't see the great things you're doing and don't notice in yourself.
  • Start birth control before coming out to make sure it's right for you
  • If possible, get the mini scriptures quad. You carry your scriptures with you everywhere. The lighter, the better
  • There are books "The Missionary's Little....." They are amazing. From Object Lessons, to Quotes
  • Have someone write down your setting apart blessing! Then you have it for when you feel a little low, and it's a great reminder of the blessings you can receive if you're being exactly obedient.
  • When you're not being exactly obedient, you're not only hurting yourself, but the people you're teaching, because you don't have the Holy Ghost with you. Remember that.
  • You are a representative of Jesus Christ at all times, in all things and in all places.
  • Go to each district, zone, conference with an inspired question, and it WILL get answered.
  • Commit people to baptism on the first lesson. Be bold. Who do you fear more--Man or God? Who are we to judge whether or not people are ready for this gospel? Unless the Spirit full on says NO, then go for it. If you're questioning if you should do it, it's Satan trying to get into your head. Never let him win.
  • Write "For When" Letters to those you love. For when they go on their first date, junior prom, musical, first day of school-- the little things you won't be there for, but can still celebrate.
  • If you're always cold, bring lots of sweats
  • As each companion what her pet peeves are. Better to just know those things at the beginning than later finding out.
  • Write down the tender mercies and things that you're grateful for each night. You'll see the hand of God like never before.
  • Make your letter/emails home meaningful. Sure, everyone wants to hear of the funny things you are getting to experience, but don't forget the spiritual things. you never know who will read your letter. You're a missionary at all times. Share your testimony. Let people know who you're teaching and how each of you are growing closer to Christ.
  • Never miss an opportunity to share your testimony.

I am so very excited to be a missionary! Thank you to all of those people who have helped me get to this point in my life. 

-Hermana Dean