Monday, December 29, 2014

29 December 2014

Merry Christmas to you all!! I think I forgot to say so in my last letter.... :) But, better late than never! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I sure did. It was so great to talk to my family. All of them! It was so amazing. 

This week in general was wonderful. On Tuesday, I received two Christmas packages, from my Momma and from Jeremy & Ethan. They are so sweet. 
We also met a super sweet lady, named Ginger. She loves this time of year, and was so excited that we came and knocked on her door. She wasn't really interested in us teaching her, but was really looking forward to watching the He is the Gift video. It was so wonderful! She was so sweet.  We had dinner with a family in our ward, the Longs. They are so awesome. 

Wednesday was Christmas Eve! It was so great. We went to go visit with a couple of potential people... But they were all getting ready to go to Christmas Eve Services at a different church. So. We went in early that night, so as to not disturb people. We were able to have Christmas Eve dinner with the Enke family. They are so  sweet. Their two little kids acted out the Nativity. So adorable!

Thursday was Christmas! Such an amazing holiday. I am so grateful that I will be able to spend 2 Christmases on the mission. It is such a special time of year, and what better way of celebrating it than sharing the message of Christ with others? So amazing. I am so grateful I was able to skype with my family. We even were able to conference call with Elder Dean in England! That was so great! It was such a wonderful blessing to be able to talk with all of them

Friday we did our weekly planning session. That was good. :) I'm excited for this upcoming week. We also tried to contact a couple  less active members. We have appointments to meet with some of them later on.

Saturday, we knocked around for a little bit, and then went home, because I didn't feel very well. We stayed in the rest of the night, because I felt sick. I had a really bad headache, and just needed to rest, apparently. Once I had rested for a while, I felt much better. 

Sunday was also really good. It was a typical Sunday :) We went to church, knocked around for a little bit, and then had dinner with a member, and went home to do some training. Next Sunday, our ward switches to 1pm. Which will be good :) I'm excited. 

I love you all! Have a happy and safe new year!!!

Hermana Dean

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Merry Christmas!!!!

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe this week is Christmas!! It feels so far away! Probably because I am in Texas.. And am freaking out because there is no snow ;) But all is well! I am so excited to be here. This week was definitely interesting.

On Tuesday, we met with a family in our ward, and talked about Christmas. They are such a sweet family. It was so great. 

Wednesday was our Christmas Conference! Hooray! It was so good. President Slaughter spoke about the Atonement. We also had a talent show.. Which there is some great talent here in the TSAM. They are all pretty great!

Thursday was our weekly planning session. So that was good. We set some good goals for this coming week. I'm excited. Also, we had a really cool experience of being in the right place at the right time. We were headed to see a potential, and parked a little ways down from their house. As we were walking towards the house, we heard someone say "Sisters!" and turn and see a member getting out of her car, and needing our help. She had just gotten home from surgery. Her husband was in the car, but was on the phone for work stuff. We got there just in time to help her inside and get all situated and comfy. It didn't really seem like a big deal... But it was nice to see the Lord's hand in even the simple things we do. 

Friday, we met with Lauren again, and answered some questions she had. She is still really sweet, but a lot of our beliefs bother her. I'm sure someday, she'll figure it all out for herself. I'm really glad her best friend is LDS, and seems to be a really good influence on her.  We also went over to a member's house for dinner, and had ratatouille ! It was so yummy. I really enjoyed it. :) 

Saturday and Sunday were hard days. Both Sister Bills and I were sick on Saturday, and she was still feeling sick on Sunday. So we stuck around the house all day. I was able to get some good rest on Saturday, and got better... and then Sunday was able to get some good studying done.  I'm glad we are both feeling better! 

I love you all so much!

Merry Merry Christmas to you all! Don't forget what this season is really about. 

Love, Hermana Dean

Monday, December 15, 2014

15 December 2014

This week has been crazy! But so much fun. :)

Monday we met with Lauren and her family. They are so cute. They have 3 little kids, and are just so adorable. I am excited for them. We showed them the He is the Gift video, and they absolutely loved it. We also talked about the Restoration. They had a few questions, which is normal. But I think they definitely felt the spirit. We are going back tonight, to meet with them again. :)

Tuesday was Sister Vivas' last day! She & the other departing missionaries spent the day with President and Sister Slaughter. I was companions for a day with Sister Dimatera. She is originally serving her mission in Temple Square in Salt Lake, but is here for 2 transfers. She is so amazing! When she goes back to Temple Square, you should all go find her and hug her for me :)

Wednesday we had a Zone Meeting all about He Is The Gift-- how to better share it and help people understand it and accept it. It was very good, and I learned a lot :)

Thursday was Transfers!!! Sister Bills is my new compañera! She is so sweet. She is from Layton, UT, and has been on her mission for 6 months. I am her first trainee. 
Sister Bills and Me. :) I know. we're adorable.

Thursday was also our Relief Society Party. It was so well done. The theme was Christmas Past, Present and Future. Prior to the party , the presidency gathered traditions, recipes, etc from people, and put them all in a book for everyone to have. It was so cute! Everyone had so many different traditions, and unique ways that their families focused on Christ. I absolutely loved it!

Friday was weekly planning! Hurrah! That pretty much took up most of our day. It was good though. I feel like our weekly planning session was definitely inspired. Also, Happy Birthday to Larry!!

Saturday, Sister Bills wasn't feeling too well. She thought one of her previous investigators in her area before got her sick. So, we stayed home for the day. I did a lot of personal & language study. It was nice. I'm sad she was sick, but I was grateful for the extra time to study. 

Sunday, we had ward council, which is always good :) Sacrament meeting was good. It was Brandon's mission "farewell" talk. He spoke of things that helped him prepare for his mission. It was good. He will be a great missionary. Also, Happy Birthday to Joy Joy!

Well.. that brings us to today! Which... So far has been great! I am looking forward to this upcoming week. :)

Also, I am curious. How have you all been "Sharing the Gift"? What are some things you have come up with?

Here is one example from a Sister here in my ward. She wrote this poem, and attached it to a little box of treats. I thought this was such a wonderful idea! And so simple. I absolutely love it!

I love you all! I hope your week is fantastic!! 

Hermana Dean

Monday, December 8, 2014

8 December 2014


I hope everyone's week has been amazing! Mine sure has been.

On Tuesday, we had exchanges again. Instead of going to Fair Oaks, I stayed in Encino Park, and Sister Davis came there with me. It was really great. She is going home this transfer too!

Wednesday, we had dinner with the Foote's. They are such a sweet family. He is our stake president. She reminds me a lot of Sister Keaton, for those of you who know who that is. :)

Thursday, we had Weekly planning... Hermana Vivas's last one!!! :( So sad. But she is super excited. I'm really excited for her too.

Friday, we finished redoing our area book (rewriting potential sheets, removing those who have moved, etc) That was quite the project. :)

Saturday, we had a meeting with Elder Corbridge and Elder Wright. That was so wonderful. Elder Wright talked about the blessings of being a missionary. He quoted a talk President Hinckley gave in a priesthood session of General Conference. It is so great!

Sunday was good. We taught Gospel Principles again, about Honesty. It was good :)
We also got to watch the Christmas Devotional at a member's house. It was so amazing. I absolutely loved it.

I love you all so much! 

Let me include some pictures :)

​First time having Whataburger... pretty good!

​There are squirrels everywhere!! They are so cute!

Me and Sister V! Last P-day together! :(

Love you!!

Hermana Dean

Monday, December 1, 2014

1 Diciembre 2014

Hola familia y amigos!

This week was great! 
Tuesday, we knocked part of our area. We met a lot of really nice people! 
We also made little Turkeys... Like how we all did in kindergarten. And took them around to some of the people in the area. We also talked with a PM/LA family. They are so sweet. They were fixing their Christmas lights, and we were able to get to know them just a little. We are going to visit them later this week.

Wednesday, we knocked some more, and met with another LA family. They are the sweetest. We talked about the He Is The Gift video, and they said they would watch it. 
We had dinner with a family in the ward. Their son is getting ready to leave for his mission in 2 weeks. He is really excited. 

Friday, we knocked again. We also met a couple of really cool people. The majority of people we meet while knocking aren't really interested. They are grateful for our working to spread the word, but are comfortable in their religion. I think the He is The Gift video will help with that. To show we have that same belief in Christ as our Savior. 

Saturday, we walked around part of our area, instead of driving. It was a super nice day outside, and we got to talk to some more people. 
We met a man later that night, while knocking another street. He is Christian, and talked about his beliefs. We chatted with him for a few minutes out on his doorstep. He agreed with some of the things we said, and not so much with other things. He wasn't really interested in learning more, but I think we at least planted a seed.

Sunday, we had Church, like usual. :)
After church, we went to an apartment complex that had a few potentials living there. One of them answered the door, and we talked with him outside for quite a while. He told us he had been drinking earlier and so he was sorry if he didn't really make sense. We talked about how we know he is a son of God, and that God loves him so much, more than we could ever comprehend. And we know that Christ knows everything we ever go through in life, because of The Atonement. It was a really great talk with him... And afterward, before we knew what was happening, he hugged us. It was really awkward. So yeah. My companion and I got hugged by a drunk yesterday. We laughed about it for a while afterward.

I love you all so much! Thank you for your support and love. I hope all is well with everyone ;)

Love you!
Love, Hermana Dean

Monday, November 24, 2014

24 Noviembre 2014


I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving! Time has just flown by. I can't believe it. This week was so great.

On Tuesday, we knocked around. There's a sister in another ward in my stake that is leaving for her mission soon, so she came with us. She is so great! She'll be an amazing missionary.

Wednesday, Hermana Vivas and I were able to go to the San Antonio Temple and do a session. It is so gorgeous! There are stained glass windows everywhere. The layout of it is very similar to the Monticello, UT Temple.
After the temple, we went and were knocking again. We knocked on one lady's door, and she let us in. She told us she was a Born Again Christian. We talked a little of our beliefs. She grew up in Arizona, and knew quite a few LDS people while she was there. She was curious about the Plan of Salvation, and why we believe in the 3 Kingdoms of Glory. We explained that is revelation given in the Bible, and again in the Doctrine and Covenants. She really didn't agree with what we had to say, but she was really nice about it. She was a very nice lady.

Thursday, we had our Zone Training Meeting. Which was awesome. President Slaughter talked about the organization of the church, and then about the Apostasy

Organization of the Church:
1. One Church-- Christ's Church
2. Foundation of Apostles
3. Church follows living apostles
4. Continuous revelation through apostles

1."Upon this rock I will build my church"
Ye are the body of Christ. he is the head of the body (church). There is one body. (Ephesians 4:4-5)
"One Lord, one faith, one baptism"

2. "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you"
Ephesians 2:20-21 built on foundation of apostles, prophets, Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone
The Quorum of the 12 Apostles is a continuous quorum. If one of them dies, another is called. We see this pattern throughout the New Testament.

3. 1 Cor. 12:27-28 first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers. All over the New Testament, we read of the different offices of the priesthood, 70, 12, Bishops, Elders.. 

4. The living Apostles are the living interpretation of the word of God. If you ever have a question about one of the commandments or way of living or the "un written word", watch the apostles. They will show you how to act accordingly.

The Apostasy:
What caused the Apostasy? Was it the persecution? Was it something else?
In Mosiah, we read "nothing shall overthrow the church save the transgression of the people." (Mosiah 27:13)
The apostasy came about from sin and heresy from within.
Evidences of apostasy:
*Valid baptism was lost
*The belief in the Trinity--> born of contention and census
*The idea the there's a closed cannon
*Churches without the foundation of Apostles
*The believer's priesthood
He then said, "If your mind is clear, you will never doubt this church"
 I know for a surety that Christ's church is on this earth. I know that His authority is also here, and that Thomas S. Monson, his counselors, and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles hold all of the keys necessary to run and aid this church, and that Thomas S. Monson is the only one who has the authority to use all of those keys.

Okay. So I am super excited for this Christmas Season.
The Church has made this video, called He Is The Gift, emphasizing the reason why we even celebrate Christmas in the first place-- The birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. It is so wonderful! There is this huge missionary initiative that goes along with it. Starting on 28 November 2014 (The day after Thanksgiving) this video will be on youtube. Also, on 7 December 2014, will be "youtube takeover". The Church has purchased the main advertising spot on the homepage, and will be the only advertiser that day. It will be an advertisement for the He Is The Gift, and will have a link to the website: . The Church has also purchased an advertisement in Times Square in New York on their video-billboards, which will be there for a month (I think). In the December Ensign, there will be 9 pass along cards that have information for the He is the Gift. As missionaries, we will also have these cards to give out.
The Brethren are pushing this on us as missionaries. They want to know how many people we are able to contact and to meet with because of this initiative. This whole thing is so amazing! Technology has really made sharing the gospel with others so easy, and so accessible. 

I am so grateful for this time of year when we can more fully remember our Savior, and His birth. I know our Father in Heaven loves us so much, that He sent His Son, so that we may have a way to return to Him one day. 

I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your support!

Hermana Dean

Monday, November 17, 2014


Hola!! Here are some pictures!! 

There's my companion, Hermana Vivas, and then there's two doggies that we live with! :) 
Barkely and Cindy

Love you!

End of Week 2

Esta semana fue muy bien!! 
I know I say that about every week, but it is so true!!!

This week really was so great. 
On Tuesday, we knocked around a couple of neighborhoods, and met a lot of really nice people, and a got a couple of potentials. 

Wednesday, we had exchanges! I was with Sister Powell in the Fair Oaks area. It was so great! I learned so much from her. She is one of my Sister Training Leaders in my zone.

On Thursday, we had a goal to give as many people as we met a pass-along card. We did a lot better than we had been. :) It was great. We also got a couple of potentials..

On Friday, I totally let my geeky side loose. We were going to see a LA, and in her apartment complex was a DeLorean!! And did I have my camera?? No. I was so excited and my companion has never seen Back to the Future... so she didn't understand my excitement. If we go back, and it is still there, I will definitely be taking a picture with it. 
We also knocked a bit that day too, and again, got to meet a bunch of people.

On Saturday, we taught Celeste. She was in our Area Book, and has talked to missionaries a couple times before. She is a nurse, and so she has a very different and changing work schedule.
She is so great though! She wants to be Mormon. She is going to try to come to church this coming Sunday, and then the following Friday, we are having dinner with her. So, That's all great!

I love you all so much!! Thank you for all of your support. 

Love you!

Hermana Dean

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10 2014

Hello Everyone!

This last week was so great. I absolutely love it here.

Tuesday was so nice! It rained and rained! It was a little sketchy driving back home at night, but we got there safely.

Wednesday, we had a district meeting, and talked about how to contact people, and practiced it. It was good. ... We also had a discussion about how to study doctrines from PMG chapter 3.

The steps to study effectively:
Desire to learn
Study with real intent
Hunger and thirst after righteousness
Search for answers to investigators questions and concerns

In 1 Nephi 10:19, there are promised blessings to those who seek truth and knowledge.

On Thursday, we met with the Relief Society Pres, to get to know her a little more. She just moved here a little bit ago, and was just put in 2 Sundays ago.

Friday, we had a Trainer/Trainee meeting with President Slaughter. It was so great! I learned so much. President Slaughter talked about Fear. When we have fear, we do not have faith.
-Perfect love casteth out all fear
-Knowledge cancels out fear
-Trust in the spirit-->more confident
-Ask for help
-Role play- helps remove fear
-Understand your purpose

You can either have faith, or you can have fear and doubt. Faith should not move. It should not--and does not-- have anything to do with the members, investigators, your family- nothing. You should have confidence in Christ. Know you cannot do this on your own, and exercise your faith by turning to the Lord.

Saturday-- We knocked the majority of the day. It was really cool. We met some nice people. None of whom, at the moment, are interested in our message, but I know in the Lord's time, he will reveal those he has prepared to receive it

On Sunday, we went to church.... And after, we went to visit Ken. He was on our potentials list, and we stopped by last week, but he was busy, and said to come back later. We went yesterday, and taught him the Restoration... he is Catholic, but seemed genuinely interested in what we taught him. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and he said he would read and pray about it. I am excited for him :) Because of his crazy work schedule, our next appointment isn't for a couple weeks... But I will definitely keep him in my prayers!

I absolutely loved this week! 

Until next week!

-Hermana Dean

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello from Texas!!!

Hello all!! 

Texas is so great!! I am loving it here. We are in the Encino Park Area. Funnily, I am in an English Speaking area... But my companion speaks Spanish, so I am still able to practice it. :)

Funny story about my companion.... So on Thursday, I got my companions. I was put into a Trio with Sister Murphy and Sister Tyree. It was great! We taught a couple people that night... And then we found out that I had to change companionships. I am now with Sister Vivas. What happened is that Sister Vivas and Sister Marble were supposed to be companions, but neither of them could drive. Sister Marble didn't bring her driver's license, and Sister Vivas is on her last transfer, so she is red-dotted, and can't drive. So, they switched me and Sister Marble, and I am the designated driver... :) it's great!

So I will have to figure out a different way to upload pictures... The computers here don't read my camera... so... I'll have to do it later. 

This week has been so crazy!
So last Tuesday, the 28th,  we had a Devotional at the CCM. Elder Clarke from the 70 came and spoke to us.
He talked about his mission, and how hard it was for him to learn Spanish. Then he started talking in Spanish, and did not realize it! His wife had to come up and tell him that he wasn't speaking English. It was cute.  
He talked about 3 principles that will help us as missionaries.
1. Diligence is 10x more important than intelligence
2. Process of work will be a great benefit in life after the mission. Know how to work. God rewards work.
3. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. If you do, Latinos-the descendants of Lehi- will help you out.

He then talked about the blessings and promises from the Lord if you fulfill your objective and purpose as a missionary:

~ D&C 84:88  Angels all around you, you'll be able to do all things
~ D&C 100:1-2 Your families are well. They are in mine hands.
He then talked about how we should include our families in our missions. As we do this, they will be blessed. He said if we have a problem with an investigator that we aren't quite sure how to solve, ask your parents. They can help you. 
Include your family on your mission. Tell them what you are studying, and invite them to study it also.

~ D&C 18:15-16  ,  D&C 15:6  Joy comes from bringing souls to Christ. These relationships last forever. You cannot pay anything to receive the Joy of saving souls. Decide today that you will be a missionary who returns to those who have been baptized.  Everything they hold dear will flow back to when you helped them become a member of the Church.
~ D&C 31:5 As we help others repent, He will help us repent. 
~ D&C 24:12 Learn to talk with everyone ---> Strength that is not known among men. As you trust Him to open your mouth, He will put those He has prepared in your path. Talk with everyone. It doesn't matter how good your Spanish (or other language is) they will feel your spirit. You don't need to be perfect in Spanish. You do need to be perfect in listening to Heaven.
Always ask, "Who do you know who we can share our message with?"
~ Matt 4:19 Follow Him and He will make you fishers of men.

You must know that Joseph Smith's experience really did happen. Your investigators must know that it really happened. If they don't know it, they won't be able to progress.

He then closed his talk with this, " May the blessings of heaven be with you and your family as you righteously serve Him"

It was so great! Such an awesome way to end my time at the CCM.

On Wed. The 29th, I left for and arrived in Texas! It was so great. The flight was good... I didn't get to talk to anyone though my neighbor on the plane was sleeping the whole time. :( Oh well.

On Thurs the 30th, I got my two new companions. Hoorah! Our area was Alamo 1st YSA. We had dinner with a LA, Riley. She took us to Firehouse subs. It was yummy. We talked about how Christ prays for her, and wants her faith to be strong. She was really sweet. 
We also got a referral that night and taught Tyson. We taught him about the restoration. He seemed really, genuinely interested. I hope they got a return appointment.
After that, we went to visit Shawn, a recent convert. He is so great. We talked about the importance of missionary work, even if we aren't set apart as full-time missionaries.
This was about the time I found out that I was going to be switching companions. So we went back to the apartment, and I packed up again... :)

On Friday the 31st, I got my new companion, Sister Vivas. She is from Reno, Nevada. She is so great! I'll definitely send pictures when I figure this computer thing out. :) During the day, we went and knocked doors. We don't have any current investigators, but a few potentials. So we didn't teach anyone. One of the members, David Arroyo took us to dinner. It was great!
We had to be in early that night, because of Halloween, so at 6, we went home.

Saturday, we went knocking again. Nothing so far. Everyone we have met says they already have religion, which is usually Catholic or Non-Denominational Christian. It is pretty interesting.
No luck so far with getting an investigator.... 

Church was good. It was Fast Sunday. 
We had dinner with the Roberts family. She made Tortilla Soup. So yummy. I got the recipe to use later :)

Annnnnnd that brings us back to today! I am excited for this week. Hopefully we find someone to teach. :)

I love you all! 

-Hermana Dean

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last Email From The CCM!

This week has been so amazing! I know I say that in all of my emails, but it is so true! Each week just gets better and better. 

This week, there was quite a lot that happened.
On Friday, we taught Fransisco and Nina once more. Fransisco agreed to be baptized! Hoorah!!

On Saturday, I finished the Book of Mormon! Also, Elder Neil L Andersen came and talked to us. It was so cool! We were able to shake his hand also. He spoke about the Atonement. It was so amazing. He also promised us, " If you will be humble, and approach the mission as it is-a sacred calling-you will find, on many occasions, there will be a feeling in your heart, 'This is a reason why I was sent here' "

He also spoke about conference, and how the 3 senior apostles gave very powerful talks about the Savior.

Elder Andersen said, "Everyone must come to a knowledge of His existence. We need to understand it, and teach it, and feel it."

"We testify of the unseen-which is more important than the seen- the unseen will last much longer than the seen."
"When you feel something come to your mind, and it stays there, you know they are meant for you. Pay attention to them. They are for you from God. "

He also spoke of the Merits, Mercy and Grace of Christ. He said, "Because of Christ and His merits, all men will be resurrected.... Testify to all people that Christ maade possible for all men to be resurrected. "

Because of the Mercy of Jesus Christ, we can all be forgiven. He said, "If you have serious sins you haven't repented of, your mission will be terrible. The only way to get rid of the guilt is to confess them to the proper authority.... Sometimes it takes time for you to forget what happened. But if it has been taken care of by the proper authority, then move forward with faith, and continue on."

"Through the Grace of Jesus Christ, we can be lifted to be someone we are not now."

Elder Andersen ended his talk with this powerful witness: "I know He lives. I know it. I am His witness"

It was such an amazing talk! I loved it so much. The spirit was so very strong, and I learned so much. I know that God has called those men to lead and guide His Church. I know they are true witnesses of Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, we had another devotional, this time a recorded one from Jeffrey R. Holland. It was a talk he gave at the Provo MTC in Januaryt 2013. He talked about the importance of this dispensation and the work we are doing as missionaries. He said, "No dispensation of the Gospel ever lasted. They never worked. They were never permanent. This is the generation that will not fail! In this dispensation, the Savior will come in all His glory."

"The Second Coming has started! It started in Spring of 1820. We are living in the middle of it. The prophesies have begun to be fullfilled! It will not fail."

"How could any of us come on missions, teach, pray, fast, and study as much as you do, and when you're off your mission you just forget about it?... I command you to come home with at least 1 convert, and that had better be you. If that doesn't happen, it is completely on you. It is not something wrong with the doctrine. It is not something wrong with the Spirit. It is on you. Nothing should ever get in your way and make it so you are not converted by the end of your mission."

"This [Gospel] means everything to me. Everything I have in this world that I cherish is because of this Church, and everything that has happened to me seems to be directly related to my mission."

"This is the Gospel of the Savior. When you know that, you have to preach it His way."

"In Mosiah 27:11-20, we read that people were astonished. What does astonish mean? the root word is Tondra, which means Thunder. Go out there and astonish someone!"

This talk was so good!

On Monday, we taught Fransisco again, and talked about the blessings of being baptized. 

On Tuesday, we had another Devotional! Wooh! They are so awesome! My compañera and I were able to sing in the choir they had. We sang "Come Thou Fount", in español, of course. The speakers were some people that are here from Provo. The one is Mark Jarmin (Director of Training, Provo MTC) and Kelend I. Mills (Director of International MTCs)

Mark Jarmin talked about the Book of Mormon, and how it needs to be in EVERY lesson we teach. The Book of Mormon is the keystone to our religion. Without it, we would have nothing.
He said, "Gain a love for the Book of Mormon, and it will help you love your investigators."

Kelend Mills talked about all the different MTCs. "There are 14 MTCs around the world. Every MTC looks different, but they all teach the same thing. MTCs are amazing places. Angels most definitely are there."
He then shared Matt 16:25 "Whosoever shall lose his life for my sake, the same shall find it" 
He said, "Stop thinking about you! Start thinking about something else. Think about your investigators, Think about God's children."

He ended with a quote from President Monson, "Whom the Lord calls, He qualifies" . I know I have been called of God to be a missionary, and I know that if I work my hardest, God will help me become the best missionary I can be.

Wednesday, We had TRC, where we teach volunteers. We taught Israel. He wanted to talk about how to strengthen his faith. We shared some scriptures of faith with him, from Alma and Ether. At the end, we asked him to share his testimony, and it was so special.

So, I decided I want to take 2 copies of the Book of Mormon with me to the airport (one in english and the other in spanish) and give them to someone on the plane or in the airport. I have marked a couple scriptures that I think are really helpful to someone who does not know what the Book of Mormon is, and I am also going to write my testimony in the front. :) I am really excited to see who I will be able to give them to.

Also, this is my last email from the CCM! I leave next Wednesday, at 10 or so in the morning. Everyone else in my district, including my companion, leave Tuesday morning, so I am probably going to be put into a trio- ship with the other sisters going to TSAM. :)

I am so excited! I love you all so much.  
Thank you for all of your support! 
Love, Hermana Dean

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Almost there!!

Hola! Oh my goodness! Only one more P-day here in the MTC! I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. I am so excited to go to on with my mission, although it will be really hard to say goodbye to everyone here. 

So this week was amazing... just like all of the other weeks here :)
Last Thursday, we had a district wide Ping pong tournament . It was pretty awesome. I quite enjoyed it.

On Friday, we taught Fransisco again... and my testimony of the Spirit teaching the lessons was definitely strengthened. We were planning on teaching about the Atonement, but ended up talking about the Word of Wisdom, and how to pray for the strength to overcome addictions. It was so amazing. I am so grateful for the Spirit in my life.

On Saturday, we found out that this coming Saturday, the 18th, Elder Andersen from the Quorum of the 12 is going to be here and give a devotional. He's the first of the Quorum of the 12 to come here since Elder Oaks dedicated it a year and a half ago.  I am super excited.

On Sunday, we watched what is possibly my most favorite Elder Holland devotional. It is one he gave at the Provo MTC, so only missionaries are able to see it. It isn't on the church's website... But it was amazing.

He said, "There's nothing I would rather do or people that I would rather be with than the missionaries, doing missionary work, and working with the missionary department."

He talked about how we need to be better missionaries than he was at 19. That we need to use Preach My Gospel, and teach the investigators what they need to know.  

He also greatly emphasizing the importance of staying active after serving a mission. He said, "Don't you ever come home from your mission and give up on all the beliefs and truths you taught. If you do, you will not only break my heart, but more importantly, you will break your Father in Heaven's heart."  

Towards the end of his talk, he was talking about Peter and the other apostles after Christ had died. The story is told in John 21. The point Elder Holland made, was that Christ asked Peter if he loved Him. Peter said Yea Lord. And Christ said, Then feed my sheep.

Now any of you who have heard Elder Holland speak know that he does not beat around the bush. He gets to his point really fast. He said we need to apply this to our lives. "When I asked you to be a missionary,  I asked you to do it forever!"
Elder Holland started tearing up and said, " You cannot become the missionary Christ needs you to be if you do not love Him!" He then asked, tears streaming down his face, "Do you love him?"

"You can never come back. You are a missionary. This mission marks the point of no return. You have pledged your life to the Lord. Never, NEVER let it be over for you. You need to stay the course. You need to see it through. You need to leave your nets and boat, and feed Christ´s sheep. You are forever a disciple of Christ."

He then ended his talk by saying, "God bless you on the greatest venture of your life, which will shape your life forever."

It was such a wonderful talk! I definitely bawled my eyes out. It was so wonderful. I wish I could find it and listen to it everyday.

ooooh Also, my MTC President used to be in the 70, and spoke in Conference quite a few times. You guys should check it out! 

The rest of the week until now was good. We had class, we taught our investigators... It was really good.

Today was really fantastic. We took a trip to the temple, and got to take a tour of the Visitors Center. The Mexico City Temple is so pretty! We were not able to do a session, because it is closed. They are redoing the inside, and it should be done by next June. 
The Angel Moroni on the Mexico City Temple is different than most of the others. Moroni is holding a Book of Mormon! Sorry it isnt a very good angle. The Temple grounds were closed, so we were just on the one side

I love you all so much! Thank you for your wonderful support and letters. I love you!

Until next week!
Love, Hermana Dean

Thursday, October 9, 2014

¡Estoy Muy Feliz, Hoy!

This week has been fantastic!!! I cannot believe this is my "halfway" point... Tis crazy!!

Last Thursday, we played a crazy game of kickball with our Zone. It was so much fun!

On Friday, we had a service project, where we cleaned the stalls of the bathrooms in el Comedor.

Saturday and Sunday were General Conference, and was absolutely amazing! I loved it all. I needed to hear so many of the talks. 

Monday was my brother Jeremy´s birthday!! Happy happy birthday to you!

Tuesday: Pizza night! Wooh! We also played lightning for our gym time. It was epic! I haven't played it in forever. It was really fun.  We also had a devotional from Elder Emer Villalobos, a member of the 6th quorum of the 70. He gave us 3 different questions to ponder. 
1. What is the relationship between revelation and salvation?
2. What can I do to increase my capacity to receive revelation?
3. How can I strengthen my testimony?

1. Salvation cannot come without revelation. "No man can testify of Jesus Christ, unless he has a testimony of Him" - Joseph Smith
The Plan of Salvation is a system of ordinances and laws that we have been given to become more like our Father in Heaven.
Testimony is the knowledge of certainty of something being true, given to us through the power of the Holy Ghost.

2. "If you will ask of me, ye shall receive"
Seek not for riches, but for wisdom.
-Establish cause of Zion, not our own cause.
If you are here on your mission to establish the cause of Zion, then you are on the right path.
You need to be keeping the commandments to receive revelation.
-Ask and ye shall receive
Ask in faith and Act. (Faith without works is dead)

3.Recall and remember--you are here for a reason. 
When you are having a hard time remembering that, remember how you felt when you were baptized, when you received your endownment, when you received your mission call. These experiences will help you remember who you are and what you stand for.

Summary: NO person is saved without testimony--which is received by the Spirit of Revelation, which is necessary for salvation.

You must live every principle you teach.
You will receive power from on high.
If we recognize the voice of the Lord, we will receive more and more. When you receive these promptings, follow and obey them.
Not only is the church true, but the Gospel we teach is also true.
This talk was so amazing. I really needed to hear it.

Also on Tuesday, we said goodbye to one of the Districts in our Zone. They were so great! I feel so lucky to have been able to get to know them for a couple of weeks. They are such amazing Missionaries!

On Wednesday, we had TRC, where we teach real people. Not our teachers. Sometimes they are members pretending to be less active or investigators. It went really well. It just amazes me how well Heavenly Father knows each one of his children. He knows what they need to hear, and more often than not, we teach something completely different than what we "planned"on teaching.

Also on Wednesday, our teacher, Hermana Balderas told us she had dreamed about us the night before, and felt she needed to share a video with us. I am so glad she listened to this prompting. You all need to watch it if you are able. It's name in Spanish is "La Obra Misional y La Expiacion" it was so amazing. It talks about the parallels from missionary work with the path Christ walked.

Today, we have a ping pong tournament within our district... It will be so awesome. I am super excited.

 Also, Hermana Singer and I are determined to learn more Spanish. We are going to label everything in our casa, so we can learn the Spanish words. It will be way cool.

Oh! I have also memorized Joseph Smith's experience... "Vi una columna de luz, más brillante que el sol, directamente arriba de mi cabeza; y esta luz gradualmente descendió hasta descansar sobre mí....Al reposar sobre mí la luz, vi en el airre arriba de mí a dos Personajes, cuyo fulgor  y gloria no admiten descripción. Uno de ellos me habló llamándome por mi nombre y dijo, señalando al otro: Ésta es mi Hijo Amado: ¡Escúchalo! "

I know this Church is true, and I know that I am here for a reason, and that Heavenly Father is preparing and has prepared those whom I will teach. 

¡Se Amo ustedes mucho!

TTFN, Hermana Dean

Thursday, October 2, 2014

I forgot pictures!!!

Here are the pictures I forgot to attach to the email I just sent :) Love you!

-Hermana Dean

October 2, 2014

¡¡Hola mía familia!! 

I cannot believe it has already been a week since I wrote you all! Time here just flies by!!  This week was so amazing. 

So last Thursday night was our last lesson with "Pedro". He is now our night teacher. That is just how awesome of missionaries we are! We baptized, confirmed him, he went on a mission and through the temple all in one day! Jk jk. He just pretends to be an investigator so we can get practice teaching. Oh, his name is Hermano Pineda.

On Friday, we found out we now have two new "investigators". Hermano Lara is Humberto and Hermano Pineda is Fransisco. We also had a service project on Friday. We learned how to fold sheets, like how Grandma Dean taught me. It was pretty cool! All the Hermanas were so excited to practice folding sheets like that.

On Saturday, we had lots and lots of Language study. We also had a Stress Management class. Lol. It was much needed and well received. After almuerzo (lunch) on Saturday, we all started our fast, and fasted until almuerzo on Domingo (Sunday). I have fasted that way before, and it always seems more powerful, and you feel the Spirit much more.

Sunday was fantastic!  As usual, Sacrament Meeting was all in Spanish. On Fast and Testimony Meetings, all of the missionaries get the opportunity to bear their testimonies--in Spanish. The Spirit was so strong. There is a District from our Zone (like our branch) that is leaving next Wednesday, and since General Conference is the Sunday before they leave, they sang in this last Sacrament meeting. They sang Abide With Me, Tis Eventide. (Again, all in Spanish). One of the Elders, Elder Garbero, has a most amazing singing voice. Very very powerful. You could just feel his testimony through his solo.

Also on Sunday, we watched a devotional from Elder Bednar that he gave on Christmas Day in the Provo MTC (a lot of the devotionals we watch are only available to missionaries. You cannot find them anywhere else.)  He spoke about how to obtain the Character of Christ.  He said, "Christ turns outwards when we would turn inwards." He then gave several examples of this, one being the Atonement and events that followed. "Before Christ went into the Garden, he asked his disciples to stay awake and be there for him. Several times, he returned to find them sleeping. He probably felt let down.  During the Atonement, Christ felt every feeling we have or will ever feel in our lives. He suffered for all of the sins we will ever commit. All of this suffering made him bleed from every pore. After he had done this, one of his disciples comes and betrays him with a kiss. He is about to be taken prisoner, when one of the other disciples cuts off the ear of one of the guards. Now think about what you would do. Christ had just been let down by his disciples, suffered more than we as mortals could handle, and was betrayed by another disciple. Most of us would turn inward at this point, and feel sorry for ourselves. But what does Christ do? He heals the ear of the guard. A superficial wound compared for what Christ had just done, but He did it anyway, because when we would normally turn in and feel sorry for ourselves, Christ turns outward and does not think of himself."

This was so powerful. It made me really think of how I can be the best missionary I can be by turning outward when the "Natural Man" in me wants to be selfish and whine.

Elder Bednar also spoke extremely boldly when he said this : "This mission is not for you! It never will be. You need to serve the Lord and turn outward.

After this talk, we had dinner, and then watched "Joseph Smith -- Prophet of the Restoration".  I absolutely love this movie. Presidente Pratt told us to write down our impressions and feelings as we watch. One of the things that really stuck out to me is what Lucy Mack Smith says at the end, "All that I have told you is true and will stand forever." She has always been one of my heroes. When I get to Heaven, I want to go up to her and give her the biggest hug, and tell her thank you for her testimony and example. 

On Monday, we started teaching Humberto. We have taught him twice, and in those two meetings, have talked about why we need the Book of Mormon and why we need to pray to Heavenly Father all the time, not just when we need something. He seems to be doing well.

Ooooh! Also, on Monday, while Hermana Singer and I were studying outside, a construction worker came up to us and asked us how to be baptized. It was very random, and we had to ask  him what he said, because it took us both by surprise. We told him simply that we must have Faith, Repent, and then we will be able to be baptized. He asked if we could teach him that night at 6, and said he would be looking for us.  When we got back to class, we asked Hermano Lara what we should do. He said that we could not teach him here at the CCM, but if we were able to get his address, we could get a hold of the missionaries in the area where he lives, but that we could give him a Book of Mormon and share our testimonies, and tell him that other missionaries would be able to teach him.  So , we went back at 6, but could not find him.. I do not know if he was just messing with us, or sincerely forgot... I hope the latter. But we have not seen him around since... I hope we can get him a Book of Mormon.

Tuesday was Pizza night!! Hoorah! We also had another devotional from Elder Bednar on how to take excellent notes. He related to how and what Nephi and the other Book of Mormon prophets wrote. They had two separate plates, one for generations of kings, wars, etc. and the other for things of the heart, things that God reveals, etc. Elder Bednar said we should take and use the example of the small plates of Nephi, and record only those things that are most precious unto us.  I am so excited for General Conference this weekend. It will be very interesting to use the method Elder Bednar gave us.

Not much happened yesterday. We taught Humberto, for the second time. Had class, and practiced teaching other missionaries. It was still a superb day.

Oh! I almost forgot. If any of you want to send me letters letters, like through the post mail, try using They are same-day delivery service, and usually are not too expensive, in fact, I think to the MTC is free. I do not know what information you would need, but here is some:
Hermana Dean, District 4A, Mexico MTC. 

I love you all so very much. Thank you all for your wonderful support and love. I know I am where I am meant to be. One of the Elders in my district said something that has stuck with me for quite some time. He was talking about how awesome it is we are all here together. He said he knows none of us are here too early, or too late. That is what stuck out to me. I have been struggling a little, and getting upset at myself for not going on a mission when I was 21, and feel like I am "so old", compared to the other missionaries here.... But I know I am here when Heavenly Father needs me to be. 

I love you all!

Hermana Dean

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Este semana fue muy bién! This week has been amazing! I have learned so much, and I've only been here a week! I can't believe it. 

Earlier this week, we had a broadcast devotional with Elder M. Russell Ballard. He spoke at the MTC in Provo, and it was broadcast to many other MTCs. He talked about what he wished he had known when he was on his mission. Some of the points were 
1. To realize you do not know very much, but can get to know a lot.
2. Live in such a way that when the Lord asks you to do something, you are ready and can say "Here am I, send me"
3. Get as much education as you can. What you learn on your mission will help with everything else you have to do in life.
4. Get more in depth with the scriptures
5. Life is a process of setting goals.
6. Stay close to your families. Let them know what is happening. Let them live your mission with you.
7. Every soul is precious to our Father in Heaven.
8. Prayer. Find time to pour your heart out in personal, sacred, prayer.
9. Interview yourself. Are you doing everything you can to build the Kingdom of God? Do the best you can every single day of your mission. Let the powers of Heaven fall upon you.

One of his last statements that stuck with me was this: "You're going on His errand. He loves you. He'll watch over you."

Here in México, it is not the MTC, but is the CCM (pronounced se se emme), and stands for Centro de Capatación Misional.  Everyone here is so nice. The food is great, the weather is always nice... 

Mi compañera es Hermana Singer. She is from Houston, TX. Our roommates are Hermana Cook, from Orange County, CA and Hermana Hogge, from Kaysville, UT. They are so wonderful! I am so blessed to be able to work with these wonderful Hermanas. 

In our district, there are 6 Hermanas and 6 Elders. They are all so amazing! They are the best. Their testimonies strengthen mine everyday.

Ok, so it is totally cliché to hear missionaries say that Sunday is the best day... but I am going to say it anyway. SUNDAYS ARE THE BEST! Seriously though. The Spirit is so strong everyday of the week, but Sundays it is even more so! Sacrament Meeting was all in Spanish... which was pretty awesome. During the week, everyone in the ward is given the topic for the upcoming Sacrament meeting, and everyone writes a talk, and then on Sunday in Sacrament meeting, the Branch Presidency picks who will give their talk. I did not talk this last Sunday, and this coming Sunday is Fast Sunday, and then it is General Conference... So, maybe in a couple weeks, I will speak :)

This week, we taught our first "Investigator".. He will be our night teacher when we are done teaching him... but it is amazing. The lessons feel real. The Spirit is there. He asks us questions about certain aspects of the gospel, and we are able to answer them. It is such a special experience.

Today, we had two General Authorities come and speak to us. Elder Stephen B. Allen (Managing Director of the Church's Missionary Department) and Elder David F. Evans (Member of the 1st quorum of the 70, and also the Executive Director of the Church's Missionary Department)

Both of them gave such amazing talks. Elder Allen spoke about how our objectives as missionaries is more that Find, Teach, and Baptize. It should be Find, Teach, Baptize, and  Retain or Reactivate. Our focus should not only be baptism. It should also be on them making it to the temple and making those special covenants with our Heavenly Father.

He also said, "Be careful to listen to the right voice. The Holy Ghost will tell you all things which ye must do, but the Adversary will also talk to you. Only he will tell you that you can't do this. That you aren't strong enough, or smart enough, and that you should go home. DON'T LISTEN! You were called of God to serve this mission. He knows you can do this. Always remember that you will never regret going on your mission."
When he said this, it hit me so strongly. I have had doubts about whether or not I can do this, but his (Elder Allen's) witness and testimony builds my own testimony that I am here for a reason. God knows me, and knows what challenges I need to face in this life. I know that there are people in San Antonio, waiting for me to teach them.

I love you all so much. Thank you for all of your support!!
See you next week, TTFN!
Love, Hermana Dean

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Estoy Aquí

Hola mís amigos y familia!

Estoy aquí en México!

Today has been a fantastic day! Our flight left SLC at 7:10 this morning and arrived in Phoenix. Then we flew to México. It was a long day. I am so excited to be here though! I've even got my nametag. ;)

Well, that's all I can write for now!

Talk to you soon!

Hermana Dean

Thursday, September 11, 2014

One More Week!!!

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone by. I am so very excited. I've started fritzing out, just a little bit. You should see my mom, though. She's freaking out more than I am. It's cute though. 

So for the past year or so, I have been reading other Sister Missionary Blogs, which inspired me to create my own, to help other future Sister Missionaries.  In this post and some future posts, I'll take snippets of posts I have found extremely helpful. So here we go.

From Sister Case (
Her post is titled "Mission Be Betters"
  • Bring snacks, because there will be times you feel like you will truly starve.
  • Mints and Listerine strips shall be your new bff, missionaries cannot chew gum.
  • Earrings can only hang 1 inch from your earlobe
  • Write down birthdays, addresses, everything else you'll need, so you don't annoy your mother too much while you're on the mission
  • Make goals of what you want to get out of your mission and the MTC, so you have something to work and focus on.
  • Flashlight-bring one or die when trying to get off the top bunk.
  • Allow Elders to be gentlemen and open your doors and stuff. It won't kill you.
  • Our district president liked us to do district spotlights every night--where we spotlight one person, and each person asks the "spotlight" a question so we can get to know that Elder or Sister better, and then everyone goes around again and gives one compliment. It's a great way to bond!
  • We did spotlights in our bedroom too, and that helped us Sisters grow so much stronger together because you can be more personal, and it's just fun girl time.
  • You don't need ugly shoes
  • Be yourself
  • Make it a goal to make each of your companions your best friend
  • Make others feel welcome and try to get to know everyone as quick as possible. 
  • Smile CONSTANTLY. A smile can go a long way
  • Don't complain. Be positive!
  • You will survive fast Sundays. Don't cheat and it will be a great day,.
  • Have a bunch of  notebooks for different things--weekly plan out for emails, Christlike attribute notebook, companion notebook, daily miracles, grateful journal, favorite scriptures, one for meetings, a journal... anything you want.
  • Each night, write down 5 things your companion did that you admired or they did well that day, or things you like, and then "we're companions because...." and write a reason why you are together. If your mission president believes you two need to be together, then start figuring out why!
  • Bring pens you KNOW you love
  • Try to volunteer as much as possible at the MTC. The MTC is where you learn and train for the real deal. 
  • Bring a blanket
  • Be 5 minutes early for EVERYTHING
  • You can have logos and things on your t-shirts for gym time
  • Be honest and open with your teachers! They love and care for you and want to help in any way possible. Let them know of your fears and struggles and they will do everything they can do to build you up.
  • Go to the temple on P-day with a question in mind.
  • Be exactly obedient with your emailing and you'll see miracles from it.
  • Have your companion sign your 'dork dot'
  • Do something fun with your companion, We always match on Wednesdays. Find something and have fun with it.
  • Make a list of all the ways to make outfits. Such a time saver!
  • Eat wraps at the MTC..YUM YUM YUM
  • Each night, we chose one elder and wrote a whole list of how he's a great missionary and then gave it to all of them on the last night. It helped us think of ways that they help our district and helped us love them more
  • Watch Character of Christ at the MTC. Best Sunday movie
  • If you're like me and fail at opening letters, bring a letter opener.
  • Start NOW to memorize 1st Vision, D&C 4, How To Begin Teaching, and How To Be A Successful Missionary
  • Bring pepper spray... you never know if you'll need it.
  • Bring two large ziplock bags, and have one for "To Write" and the other for "Responded". Then you won't forget who you have already written back.
  • Carry a little picture book of your family and things you did before the mission. Everyone likes to see pictures and hear stories of those back at home.
  • Make sure you have a sit down with your bank, and that they understand what you're doing, so they don't put a stop on your card.
  • For those days when you feel like you're nothing: Write down the good things that your companion says during companion inventory. Sometimes you can't see the great things you're doing and don't notice in yourself.
  • Start birth control before coming out to make sure it's right for you
  • If possible, get the mini scriptures quad. You carry your scriptures with you everywhere. The lighter, the better
  • There are books "The Missionary's Little....." They are amazing. From Object Lessons, to Quotes
  • Have someone write down your setting apart blessing! Then you have it for when you feel a little low, and it's a great reminder of the blessings you can receive if you're being exactly obedient.
  • When you're not being exactly obedient, you're not only hurting yourself, but the people you're teaching, because you don't have the Holy Ghost with you. Remember that.
  • You are a representative of Jesus Christ at all times, in all things and in all places.
  • Go to each district, zone, conference with an inspired question, and it WILL get answered.
  • Commit people to baptism on the first lesson. Be bold. Who do you fear more--Man or God? Who are we to judge whether or not people are ready for this gospel? Unless the Spirit full on says NO, then go for it. If you're questioning if you should do it, it's Satan trying to get into your head. Never let him win.
  • Write "For When" Letters to those you love. For when they go on their first date, junior prom, musical, first day of school-- the little things you won't be there for, but can still celebrate.
  • If you're always cold, bring lots of sweats
  • As each companion what her pet peeves are. Better to just know those things at the beginning than later finding out.
  • Write down the tender mercies and things that you're grateful for each night. You'll see the hand of God like never before.
  • Make your letter/emails home meaningful. Sure, everyone wants to hear of the funny things you are getting to experience, but don't forget the spiritual things. you never know who will read your letter. You're a missionary at all times. Share your testimony. Let people know who you're teaching and how each of you are growing closer to Christ.
  • Never miss an opportunity to share your testimony.

I am so very excited to be a missionary! Thank you to all of those people who have helped me get to this point in my life. 

-Hermana Dean

Monday, August 25, 2014

Letter From My Mission President

Oh my goodness! 23 days. Yeah, you read that right. I cannot believe it; this summer has flown by. It seems like just yesterday I was opening my call, and reading that I was going to San Antonio, Texas.

Today, I got the mail, and there was a letter from my mission president. Inside was information about what I'll need for transportation in the field. Also included was 'My purpose as a Missionary'. I am supposed to memorize this before I leave.  I'd like to share it with you all.
"I have been called of Jesus Christ through inspiration to serve in the Texas San Antonio Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I will boldly invite other to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end.
I will stand for truth and return with honor.
"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting life." (3 Nephi 5:13)
I am so excited to be apart of this work!


-Hermana Dean

Monday, July 21, 2014

Shopping Spree!!

Hey all... It has been a while, but I haven't really had anything to write about, until today!! Woohoo!

So on Saturday, my wonderful Mother and I went shopping for mission stuff. We went to Khols, Downeast, Ross, and Gordman's.  We didn't find much at Downeast, or Khols, but totally scored at Gordman's and Ross. I will have to post pictures soon. I would say it was a very successful day.

My departure date sure is coming up soon. I have 58 days until I report to the MTC.  I am so excited.  A part of me still can't believe it is happening, regardless of all my preparation. Like as a kid, the magic and excitement of Christmas morning. It doesn't seem real until it is right there in front of you. :) I'm not sure if that is how every missionary feels before leaving, but that is how I feel right now.

I'll make another post soon with pictures of the outfits we found.


-Hermana Dean

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's next?

Okeedokeee.. :) I am still so very excited about my call. And a little nervous. Basically, I have the Summer, and then it will be time to go! Eek!

Anywho, I thought I would write a post about what comes next.

1. After receiving your call and celebrating with your fam, next comes sending the Brethren your acceptance letter. Because, after all, it is a CALL, not an ORDER. In the back of the packet is a paper you cut out and write your acceptance letter on.  It doesn't have to be super long, basically just letting the Brethren know you are accepting this call.... (hence the name, acceptance letter)

2. Pre-Mission preparation!  On the missionary portal, there is a list of all the things you need to do to prepare for the mish. Among these are: updating vaccinations, watching The District, reading & studying & practicing the lessons in Preach My Gospel (PMG), read the missionary handbook, brush up on your genealogy, and making a profile. Among these, you should also be praying, reading the scriptures, attending the temple... All of the cute little Primary answers.

3. Your packet has a list too! It comes with all these handy dandy instructions, specifically for your mission. Whether or not you'll need to apply for a passport, what clothes and supplies you'll need.... lots and lots of info.

4. After you know what you need, you get to go shopping!! Hoorah! This is the stage I am at right now. Go through your closet, and see what is there that you could take. I have a few skirts already that would go with pretty much anything. I do need to shop for some more skirts, blouses, dresses and shoes, though. My plan is to raid Deseret Industries (DI) and Savers and find some awesome buys. I also want to check out Ross, F21, and Target. You'll also want toiletries, a first aid kit... stuff like that.

5. You'll probably be asked to speak in Sacrament meeting before you leave... I don't leave until September, so I haven't been asked to speak yet. And to follow the Mormon tradition, you'll most likely have some sort of open house with yummy food so your friends and family can say one last goodbye.

6. You'll be leav-in' on a jet plane.... don't know when you'll be back again....  Jk. you'll be back in either 18 months or 2 years! Woo hoo for you!!

Hopefully this helps any future missionaries out there!

-Hermana Dean

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Called To Serve!

Dear Sister Dean, 
You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Texas San Antonio Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 18 months. 
You should report to the Mexico Missionary Training Center on Wednesday, September 17, 2014. You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language. Your assignment may be modified according to the needs of the mission president.

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!! I am so excited! I am pretty sure these last three days have been the longest days of my entire life. I received my call on Wednesday, but waited to open it until today, so that as much of my family could be there for it.

Opening and reading my call was an extremely emotional and powerful experience. I could barely make it through "Dear Sister Dean" without choking up and starting to cry. I am so excited to be apart of the Lord's work!

I feel it is such a blessing to be able to preach in Spanish. I took Spanish all through Junior High, and for two years of High School. I love it! It is such a beautiful language, and I am excited to share the Gospel through it.

I will definitely write more as I get more information about my mission, and as I am purchasing the supplies I need. For those of you reading this to help prepare for your own mission, please remember to do everything for your mission prayerfully, even if it seems a little silly. Heavenly Father knows our individual needs, and He knows there is a lot to get done beforehand.  I know He will be with you every step of the way as you try to figure out what kind of shoes will be best, or how to really strengthen your testimony as you study. Remember, if it matters to you, it matters to Him.

Until next time!

-Hermana Dean

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pulling My Hair Out

Oh. My. Goodness. This last week has been painful!! I am so excited to get my call.. It should be there today... if it isn't... I just might go crazy! O.o... Jk. I'll be fine. I think the hardest part is remembering that even if it does come today, I won't be able to open it until Saturday..... "Curse you aqua scum!!!" Saturday is the soonest all of my siblings can be all together...Yeah. I'm going crazy. I have this... restlessness about me. I can't sit still for longer than... 30 seconds. Thank goodness I have T-Lo to help keep my sanity. I love that kid.

omy g o s h.

IT IS ONLY NOON. I don't get home until 4... Gah! Hopefully seeing my call in the mailbox will help me to calm down. *sigh* Who are we kidding. I've read tons of other Sister Missionary blogs, and they all said when they got their call they were almost too excited to wait for that evening when everyone could be there. I am seriously going to go nuts. Just thinking about seeing my call gives me goosebumps every 5.67 seconds. True story. I timed it.

Even though all this excitement is running through me, there's still that part of me that can't believe it is actually true! I am going on a mission. Holy wow. I am going on a mission. I've tried to get into the mentality of a missionary... I've read countless Sis-Miss blogs, studied PMG, read the BoM.....(wow... we sure use a lot of abbreviations....) And there's still the part of me that hasn't caught up to the rest.  Hopefully, reading my call will help ;) Although, I expect this feeling to stay until I'm out of the MTC (ha.. another abbreviation... LOVE IT!)

Anywho... I'll write again on Saturday.... :) I am so excited to find out where the Lord needs me to spread His Gospel.


-Sister Dean

Friday, May 9, 2014

Anxiously Waiting....

Hey all! I meant to write this on Wednesday... but totally got sidetracked. Oh well. Better late than never!
I am so anxious and nervous! I was thinking I was going to get my call either this last Wednesday, or the week after. And I'm guessing the week after. Nothing was in my mailbox on Wednesday. ha. It must have been funny to watch though... I was shaking in anticipation of my call being in there.. I opened it up, and nada. zilch. Now I get to experience the nervous-ness for another week!! The two weeks since I submitted my papers have been very interesting. Every night takes me forever to fall asleep. Like Christmas Eve, or the day before the first day of school....The excitement! It is exhausting! I lay awake in bed thinking of all the possibilities of where I could be called. Will it be stateside? Europe? Africa? South America? I am so excited to find out. These next couple of days will be nerve wracking! Are there any guesses from my followers? :)  I will post when I find out !

That's all for this week. TTFN!

-Sister Dean

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I Love To See The Temple!!

Hello! Last night, my mom and I went and participated in an endownment session in the Bountiful Temple. I loved it. I had not been to the temple for a while, so it was definitely needed. I am so grateful that I live so close to so many temples!!

*Ahem* sorry. Anywho... As I was sitting in the Celestial Room, pondering about my upcoming mission.... I made a goal. I have not yet received my call, so I don't know when I will be leaving, but I made this goal anyway. Here it is: I want to do a session in all of the Utah temples before I leave. I have already done baptisms in them (one summer vacation with my mom and bruddah a couple years ago). So far, I have already done a session in the Logan, Bountiful, and Salt Lake Temples. Also, the Las Vegas... woo!

I love the temple so much. There is such a sense of peace that I feel every time I go. If it has been a long time since you have been,  I encourage you to go!! Be worthy of it, and go. You will be blessed.

That's all for now!! I'll write again soon.   XOXO

-Sister Dean

Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Submitted!!!!

Hey all!

Can you believe it??? They are finally submitted! I met with my stake president this past Wednesday, and he submitted everything. I know. About freaking time. ;) But it's all good. I am glad it is all done. In 2 or 3 weeks, I should have my call. I am super excited. It has not really 'hit' me yet that I will be serving a mission.. Like one of those things that doesn't seem realistic until it is actually happening... Like graduating high school, going to Disneyland,...things like that. But, all the same, I am excited.

My hope is that I will have my call before Mother's Day.... because then I can open it while skyping my brother on his mission! :) But if not... then obviously that will be ok. I am just hoping that all of my family can be there for when I open it. Wow. My bruddah has been out for 264 days. That's crazy! My mother thinks I will be leaving around July or August, which will be the year mark for my brother. So it will end up being 3 ish years until I will see him!

I won't be doing any shopping for mission stuff until I have my call... But once I do, I am planning on posting outfits and where I got them, which will hopefully help any future Sister missionaries who read this blog ;)

Well, until next time!!

-Sister Dean

Monday, February 10, 2014


What's the reason for celebration, you ask? Well, I got my doctor's appointment done, and all is well! I gave my bishop the envelope with all the papers in it on Sunday. SWEET! One step closer to getting my papers finished. I have a dentist appointment on March 4th (My insurance wouldn't cover anything within 6 months of my last appointment), and then I should be able to submit. I am super excited, if you couldn't tell ;)

I got my brother's official guess! His guess is either England London South or the Scotland/Ireland mission. I can't believe he's been out for 6 months already. Wow! Time sure flies.

Well, I think that's about it for this post... Once I get my call, I'll have some longer posts, like about where I got clothes and such.. I suppose I could start with hair tutorials..For those quick and easy updo's...We'll see!


-Sister Dean

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Little About Me. :)

Alright, so I sort of just realized that I have not fully introduced myself... So, better late than never!! ;)
For starters, my name is Megan ( hi Megan!) ... I am the second youngest of 6 kids, fun family fact, there are three boys and three girls, and all our names start with either M or J!  *ahem* Back on topic. I am 21 years old, and as you know, am preparing to serve a mission.

I have lived in Clearfield, UT my whole life, apart from two years of college in Price, UT.  I graduated from Clearfield High School in 2010, and then in the Fall of 2010, I moved to Price to attend College of Eastern Utah, now referred to as USU Eastern. I completed two years of schooling, and then moved back home.

I am working as a governess for the sweetest family ever. I take care of three kids, L, N and T. L will be turning 14 this year.. (yikes teenager on the move!). N will be turning 12 in June, and will be in Young Men's, and will be able to pass the sacrament on Sundays ( So cool but so weird to think of that! ). And finally, T will be turning 2 in just a couple weeks. I have been her governess since she was 3 months old. Wow, time sure flies!!

A little more about me... Umm. I am very much a geek. Yes. I love it. I enjoy Star Trek, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars and so many many more. I love playing all sorts of games, whether they are computer, video, board, card, etc etc etc. I love them all! My current obsession is Minecraft. It is super fun. I totally made a group of tree houses all connected together by bridges.. Totally a Swiss Family Robinson feel going on in it.

I am also a huuuuuge Disney fan, lover, geek.. All of it. Like seriously. My dream job is being a princess at Disneyland or Disney World. Like seriously. Biggest Disney fan. EVER. I hope I am conveying how much I love it. ;)

Uhmmm... I think that is really everything about me.. Like, what you would really want to know, anyway. I doubt you'd want to know like what color my boogers are or whatnot. ps. they're green.

So, until next time!!

-Sister Dean

Monday, January 27, 2014

How To Prepare Myself

Hello all.
I love Mondays!! Monday means I get an email from my little Bruddah serving a mission in England. Love it!
Anywho, in my email to him last week, I asked what were some of the things he did before leaving that have helped him the most out in the mission field. He said things that helped him were: memorizing the Mission Purpose (found on page 1 of Preach My Gospel), memorize the first vision account in Chapter Three, lesson 1, read the Book of Mormon every day (at least two pages). Also, to make a profile and print out the pass along cards and start handing them out to people.

Things he wished he had prepared for: read chapters one, three, five, nine and ten of PMG in depth. He says those chapters are full of study helps for missionary work. He also advised me to start getting into the missionary schedule. Up at 6:30, exercise for a half hour, study personally for an hour, and be in bed by 10:30.

I am super excited. I am almost done with my papers. I am keeping track of all of my family's and friends' guesses, and whoever is the closest will get some sort of prize.. like a King Size candy bar or something :) so far, these are the places people have guessed: Florida, somewhere Spanish speaking in the US, London, Temple Square, Liechtenstein, Ireland, England, Turkey, and the Moon. My guess is Australia or France.

Well, that's it for today! Thanks for reading.

-Sister Dean

Thursday, January 23, 2014

How It All Started...

Hello all... ha I'm not sure if I have any followers....But anywho, Hello to those who are reading this! I am in the last stages of my "paperwork" (it's all online, so no real paper) of preparing for my mission. I basically just have my doctor and dentist appointments left. I am planning on submitting them on April 1st (no joke!). So it will be pretty cool! My brother is on his mission in London, England and he says he can't wait to find out where I will be called. I can't wait either!! :) I am super excited.

So a little background about me would probably be helpful for readers. My name is Megan, I am 21 years old, and am the second youngest of 6. I have been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints my whole life, and was baptized when I was 8 years old.

I believe that every member of the church, whether born and raised in it or converted later in life has their own 'change of heart conversion'. Mine did not occur until I was 18. I always new that the Church was true, but I suppose I leaned on others' testimonies more than strengthening my own. When I was 18, I was finishing my Personal Progress (a young woman's equivalent to an Eagle Scout). One of the tasks was to read the Book of Mormon all the way through. I had never done that. I had read parts of it, through personal study and references from classes, but I had never read it cover to cover.

Over the summer, I did just that. I read the Book of Mormon all the way through. At the end of it, Moroni (one of the authors) gives a challenge. He asks you to pray to Heavenly Father and ask if the Book of Mormon is true. He promises that the Holy Ghost (the third member of the Godhead) will give you a feeling in your heart and you will know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I took Moroni's challenge. When I was done praying, I'll be honest. I was expecting the heavens to open up and an angel to come down and proclaim to me that the Book of Mormon was true. However, that was not what happened. It was all very simple. I felt a warmth in my chest, I got goosebumps, and I just knew. Not at all what I had expected, but I received my answer anyway. It was the most incredible experience I have ever had.

So back to the mission topic... I have always wanted to serve a  mission, but as I grew older, it became more like "if I'm not married by 21, then I'll consider it". And then there was the General Conference session where President Thomas S. Monson announced that the age at which a young woman could serve a mission was lowered from 21 to 19. I was 20 at the time, so it didn't really affect when I could leave. But when this was announced, I felt something. I know it was the Holy Ghost telling me that serving a mission was indeed something that I needed to be preparing for. I was slightly confused though, because even though I felt I needed to serve a mission, I also had the feeling that it was not the right time yet. So, I continued on with my life, working and spending time with family and friends. It was not until the General Relief Society meeting in September of 2013 that I knew it was time. The choir (a group of sister missionaries from the Provo MTC) sang a medley of "Go Forth With Faith" and "As Sisters In Zion". During this song, I felt a rush of the Spirit. I knew that this was Heavenly Father telling me through the Holy Ghost that I was supposed to serve a mission, and start preparing for it immediately. I started tearing up and wrote a note to my mom sitting next to me about what I just felt and experienced. She started crying, and wrote back that she had a similar feeling. It was the most incredible thing. For a few months before this, I had been feeling out of place. Lost, stuck in limbo. I wasn't going anywhere in life. I wasn't in school, nor was I dating anyone. I was working, which I loved, but it wasn't getting me anywhere.  So having this revelation was such an answer to prayer! I needed direction in my life, and Heavenly Father gave it to me.  The following Sunday, I met with my bishop, so that I could start working on my papers. .. and now, here we are! A few months later, and I am almost ready to turn them in.

I know this post is getting long, so I will wrap up quickly. I don't know how many of you there are reading this, but to you I want to say that I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the one and only true church here on this Earth. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that He stands at the head of this church. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, and that he helped restore this church in this dispensation. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet today, and that he will never lead  us astray. He is the mouthpiece for the Lord. I know that serving a mission is the right thing for me in life.  I know that I will be blessed for following what the Lord has commanded me to do.

Thank you to all who are reading. I will post again soon!

-Sister Dean