Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Young, Single, Adult

Hola Todos!

Okay,  I have a new adventure I must tell y'all about.

So, since I have been home, I have attended my family ward with my dad--which I LOVE! It is such a great ward with awesome people. The downside? Well, there aren't many young single adults in this family ward. (that must be why there are YSA wards!!) jaja. Anywho. I love YSA wards. They are so much fun! I attended one after high school, another in college, and then back to the first after college. About 3 years ago, I stopped attending the YSA ward, and returned to my family ward. (Which worked out well, because I left on my mission a bit after that.)

Anyway, like I said before, since I have been home, I have been attending my family ward. It has been a lot of fun, especially now that I have a calling in the Primary. But for the past little bit, I have felt the need to mingle with more people of my own age. Right now, I don't think it is the right time to move over to the YSA ward, but I decided I would start going to the YSA ward sacrament meeting and activities.

This last Sunday, I figured I would start! My own ward doesn't start until 1 pm, and the YSA ward starts at 11 am.

Now.. This was the weirdest experience *thus far* of my RM life. I was nervous like no other time in my life!! Why?? I'd been to this singles ward before..Why was I so nervous to go now? I still don't know why. Jaja. But it really was nice to go again.

For those of you readers out there who have never gone to a YSA ward, I'll tell you: they are a little different. First of all, it is so quiet. I mean q~u~i~e~t. During the passing of the sacrament, you don't hear anything but the footsteps of the priesthood holders. My ward had to start lining the water trays with paper towels so that the cups didn't clink so loud. Crazy, right? You don't see that happening in a family ward. I mean, it is different. In a family ward, there are little kids and not-so-little kids who might be a little more noisy during the passing of the sacrament. It was quite different to go back to that. It was refreshing!

There were a ton of people there that I hadn't met before--which is understandable because it's been 3 years since I went. But, there were a couple friends there that were there with me before. It was fun to see them again!

Overall, I loved going back to the YSA ward. I am excited to continue meeting new people and going to fun activities.

If any of y'all are thinking about switching over to a YSA ward, I would highly recommend it!

Well, I think this is all for now!
Until next time,

Monday, May 16, 2016

Return to Snowy Utah

Hola Todos!

I'm so sorry for not writing sooner. I have been home from the mission since March, and am still trying to get my life all back in order.

Whew! SO  much has happened since I have been home: my brother, nephew and I went to Comic-con (which was an experience and a half! I LOVED it.), we went to Vegas, my Mother graduated from the University of Utah with her Bachelor's degree in Nursing (after 14 years of hard work! SOO proud of her!), I was called as the Primary Pianist in my home ward (a little nerve-racking because I don't play very well...), and I got offered a job as a Nanny! Whew! I told y'all. A ton has happened.

But before I get on all that, I'd like to take a different turn. Now, I'm going to be 100% honest. Before my mission, I did a lot of reading on Sister Missionary blogs, much like my own, trying to understand just exactly what the mission life would be like. It was really hard. Most of the blogs I found were wonderful, very inspiring, but they didn't seem to include everything. Just the highlights, the good things that happened. Which was wonderful! I loved reading them. But I wanted something a little more real. I wanted to know about the hardships, the tough times, the cry-yourself-to-sleep experiences. I wanted to know what I should expect. I knew then, and most certainly know now, missionary work is not easy. I had doors slammed in my face, people who insulted us, called us mean names...There were some very hard times.

So, my hope is that this blog becomes what I was searching for--Full of the wonderful, Spirit-filled moments, but also including the hard times, for they are truly what make the good times so sweet.

I'd like to continue with this, but on the subject of being an RM-The great life!

One thing that has been on my mind a lot since I have been home is how easy it is to fall back into old habits--not necessarily bad habits, just habits that haven't been a part of my life for the past year and a half. It is so easy to just fall back into old routines. It certainly has been a fight to keep up the habits formed on my mission--morning and nightly prayers, daily scripture study, etc. I'll be honest, I haven't kept up with them as much as I would have liked... but that's okay! I can change and start now.


Okay, so back to all the things that have happened. The night I got home, my brother took us all to see Star Wars VI. I LOVED it. Although, it was quite the culture shock. I was sitting there, watching the movie, loving it and cringing at the same time. Quite the experience. Well, the next 3 days, we went to FanX in Salt Lake. It was awesome. Just before I left for the mission, we went to Comic Con, so it was quite fun to go again and get my geek on.

A couple weeks later, we went to Las Vegas to have a break. My brother has a convention he goes to every year, and we all take a trip for the fun of it. The drive is pretty long, but it was worth it. We stayed in Excalibur, which was a lot of fun! The themed hotels are pretty neat. My favorite part of Vegas is the amazing food! Pretty awesome favorite, right? :)

That weekend, my Mami graduated! After 14 years of blood, sweat and tears, she graduated from the University of Utah's College of Nursing with her Bachelor's degree. I cannot express how proud of her I am!! She has worked so hard for all these years and most definitely deserves this.

Hmm. What next? Well, I have been substitute teaching at Quest Academy, which has been a blast. I don't know yet if I want to be a teacher, but substitute teaching has been so much fun.

Well... I think for now, this post will suffice. I hope y'all are doing well.

Until next time!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Forever a Servant of the Lord

Hola todos!

These last 18 months have been so wonderful. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve the Lord on a full-time mission. I have learned so much, but more importantly the Lord has changed me so much. I am so humbled to have had this opportunity to learn and grow, to share in the joy felt as others choose to come to Christ through the waters of baptism. 

This last week was amazing!
We received a referral for a lady that lives in Waelder (Pop 1064)... which is even more in the middle of nowhere than Lockhart. We hardly ever go out there, due to mileage limitations. So, we planned on going out there to meet Brittany. We called her, and she was so sweet. We set up a lesson for the next day. We got there, and met Brittany and her friend, Richard. Brittany has been through a lot, and is really searching for God. She said she has always believed in God, but now she wants to get closer to Him. She and Richard had wonderful questions, and were so excited to get a Book of Mormon. 

Little things like this are what I love about being a missionary. Really, about being a member of the church. Seeing people begin to change, and seeing the "light" go off when something makes sense--not only in their head but in their heart. It is such a wonderful thing to witness. The Gospel of Jesus Christ truly is wonderful!
One of the hymns that has become my favorite here on the mission is: Placentero Nos Es Trabajar. Sadly it isn't in english. but it is a beautiful song. Here are the lyrics:
"Placentero nos es trabajar
en la viña del gran Rey Jesús,
y honroso nos es predicar
a Su pueblo Su ley y Su lluz.

La palabra de Dios escuchad
con ahínco, lealtad y fervor.
Para siempre jamás recordad
Su pureza, verdad y amor.

¡Oh hermanos, adiós, pues, adiós!
El momento de ir vino ya.
Si guardamos la fe en el gran Dios,
nos veremos aún más allá."

It is a little hard to come to the end of my mission. But that doesn't mean my service to God is over. I have made a promise to God. Like our TSAM purpose statement says, "My decision has been made. I've put my hand to the plough. I've crossed the line." Returning home doesn't change any of that. My decision has still been made, and I will continue to serve my Lord with all that in me is. I will forever be a servant of the Lord.

I love you all! Have a marvelous week.


Monday, March 14, 2016


Hola Todos!

This week has been so wonderful! I know I probably say that in all of my emails, but it is true! I can't even begin to tell of all the wonderful miracles I have seen over the course of my mission. Some were more drastic than others, and some were sweet, tender miracles that testified to me, personally, that my Heavenly Father loves me. 

As my mission comes to a close, I ponder about all that has transpired over the last 18 months. I have seen the Lord change me so much. Some changes have occurred through tears-of both joy and regret. Many changes have been made through sweat and hard work. (Let's kill that myth right now. Yes, sister missionaries do sweat.) I like the me that the Lord has made so much more than the me I used to be. I testify of the truth found in Ether 12:27:

 "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them."

Christ has shown unto my my weakness. It has humbled me. In many cases, I have seen those weak things become strong. There are still so many things I have to work on, but I have so much hope in the strength of the Lord--that He can change me.


Easter is coming! It is here! Yesterday, the Church came out with a wonderful video titled, Follow Him. Y'all should watch it if you haven't yet, and then watch it again, and then share it with your friends. It is so beautiful, and can all be summed up in one word: Hallelujah! God be praised. Peter sums it up as well: "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.." (1 Peter 1:3) Christ has saved us. He is the only way to salvation. There is none other way! Without Him, we cannot be saved. 

I know with all my heart that Christ lives! The words spoken by the angel long ago bring so much joy and comfort to my heart: " Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here: for he is risen." (Luke 24:5, Matthew 28:6) The garden tomb is empty. Christ was the first to resurrect, and because of this, all of us will be resurrected too. 

What a glorious gift this is! "Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah, who layeth down his life according to the flesh, and taketh it again by the power of the Spirit, that he may bring to pass the resurrection of the dead, being the first that should rise" (2 Nephi 2:8)
We have a task, you and me, to make these things known to all those on the earth. What comfort, joy and love it brings us. Imagine that comfort, joy and love being felt by all those we love. 
Truly, all that comes to my lips, "Hallelujah!"

I love y'all so much!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Follow the Prophet

Hola todos!

We have had a great week. 
This last Tuesday, we met with Sister Rickman. Sister Whitman came with us. We had lunch, and talked about the Book of Mormon, and the power it has in our life. Sister Rickman loves the Book of Mormon, and wants to keep reading it regularly. The Book of Mormon truly is so amazing! I love what it teaches us about our potential as sons and daughters of God. 

Sister Whitman invited Sister Rickman to the upcoming General Conference session for the women of the church, and she said she would go and is excited for it!

On Friday, Sister Gibson and I were invited to attend MLC-Mission Leaders Council. It was really neat to see our leaders working together,teaching how to help other missionaries and how to help our investigators. Something I have noticed about all the trainings I have seen, or even given, is that they aren't about something crazy and new. They are basics. They are found in Preach My Gospel. They are essential for a missionary to be successful. Going to MLC really pumped me up to give even more and do even more than I am these next couple weeks. I don't want to slack off right at the end. I want to "cross the finish line" (of sorts) giving all that I can. 

Saturday, we went over to the Barnes' house for dinner. Sister Barnes loves us so much that she said she wants us to come over for dinner every Saturday. She is such a sweetheart, and has such a strong testimony of the Gospel. 

This Gospel is so true! There is nothing on earth that could ever make me deny it. Through Joseph Smith, Christ restored His doctrine and His Priesthood Power to the earth. It is here today! We have a living prophet. He was chosen by God to lead us and guide us throughout our life here on earth. If we follow him, we won't go astray. I am so excited for General Conference. Think of it. Not only do we have a living Prophet on the earth, but we have the chance to see him and hear him speak the words of the Lord twice a year! I am so excited to hear the words of our beloved Prophet and the Apostles. We will truly be blessed for following the men the Lord has chosen to lead us. 

​I love you all so much! Have a most amazing week. ​


Monday, February 29, 2016

The Fullness of Times

Hola Todos!

This week was so wonderful!
On Wednesday, we had exchanges! I went with Hermana Collier to Riverside and Hermana Gonzalez came to Lockhart with Hermana Gibson. It was such a great exchange. I love Hermana Collier! We met at the airport on the way to the Mexico MTC. We have followed each other around the mission, and have had many opportunities to work together. She was amazing when I first met her, and it has been so cool to learn so much from her throughout the mission. We had a couple of lessons with their investigators and part member families. Hermana Collier really leads by example and is such a powerful teacher. I really learned a lot from her. 

Thursday was Zone Conference! We learned about the importance of working with members. We reviewed some of the training we had received during the World-Wide Missionary Broadcast about working with these members. It was really neat to see the vision of our leaders. My vision was definitely raised, and I am so excited to use these new ways to work with our members here. 

Yesterday, David accepted a calling! He is the President of our Gospel Principles class. He is so excited to give his all in this calling. He was a little nervous, but said he is so thankful for this opportunity to serve others. We had a lesson with him that night, and we talked about Prophets. We watched a little clip from President Monson's address this last conference. David said he hopes to be able to meet him and his counselors and the 12 apostles someday. He told us that he has noticed such a great change in himself. We told him that we have seen that change, as well as the members of the branch. Many members have commented to us how proud of him they are and how different he is since learning more about the Gospel. It warms my heart to hear this and see the Gospel in action!

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve the Lord. I know with all my heart and all that I am that this is His Gospel, restored once again to the earth. How very blessed we are to live during this time when the fullness of the Gospel is here on the earth!


Monday, February 22, 2016

True Doctrine

Hola todos!

This week has been so wonderful, and so full of amazing things!

We had a meeting with all of the Sister Missionaries in Austin, with our Lead Sister Training Leaders and President and Sister Slaughter. We were so spiritually fed! I love learning from my leaders. I always learn so much, and leave the meetings with so much fire and desire to continue doing good, and to change in ways that will make what I do better. 

One thing that President Slaughter talked with us about was being overwhelmed. He used the example of the Apostles with Christ in the ship. They are all in the boat on the water, and suddenly, a storm arises. The Apostles begin to fear, and go to find their Master. They find Him asleep. Their natural side arises, and they ask, "Master, carest Thou not that we perish?", and the Master's response: "Peace, Be still". After these words were spoken, the waves and the winds ceased. As did the fearful thoughts and feelings of the Apostles. 

In this account, the Apostles were very overwhelmed. They saw the winds and the waves, and feared. Maybe later on in their life, as they looked back, they felt silly for being overwhelmed. They were in a boat with the Creator of those waves and winds. 

The point President was getting at is that there is no use to get overwhelmed. We too will look back on those moments, and feel silly for overwhelming ourselves, rather than trusting in Him who is in our boat. 

It was a wonderful meeting, and did learn so much from my leaders. 


This week was so great! We had a lesson with D and D. They are doing so well. They read in the Book of Mormon together every morning. We invited them to be baptized, and they said yes! 

David is doing so great! We had a lesson with him and a Sister from the branch yesterday about Tithing and Fast Offerings. David is so excited to pay his tithing. He has seen a change in his life, and we have noticed changes too. When he first started coming to church, he would sit in the back of the chapel, with the hood of his hoodie up. In classes, he would sit in the back too, and wouldn't say much. Now, he sits closer up in the chapel, with members of the Branch. He doesn't wear a hoodie, but a white shirt and tie. In class, he volunteers, and asks questions, and shares his thoughts on the subjects with us. Conversion is real, and it is so powerful!

One of my favorite quotes, which also is found in Preach My Gospel, says, "True doctrine, understood, changes attitude and behavior" (Said by President Packer). I have seen this on my mission. In myself, as I have come to understand better the Doctrine of Jesus Christ. I have also seen it in so many other people, as they have learned true doctrine. Their attitude and behavior have changed. David is just one example of this, but there are so many people that have experienced this.

I love you all!

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Ten Teachers

Hola todos!
This week has been SO AMAZING!

I need to brag a little about my companion. Hermana Gibson is SO wonderful. She is such a wonderful missionary! She is so focused and such a powerhouse teacher. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be her companion. For whatever reason, we have grown so close this week, and have seen the power that comes from increased unity in our companionship. She's so great! I hope you all have the chance to meet her someday. 

We have seen so many wonderful miracles this week. On Tuesday, we went to an appointment we had set up with one of our less-active members, Esther. She is such a sweetheart. Her husband, and two of her children aren't members. When we got there, M (the husband) was out working, but we met J  and T, their kids. We sat down, and got to know them just a little, and J told us she wants to be baptized! How awesome. T wants to also. We were about to say a prayer when M got home for his lunch break. He joined us for the prayer, but then had to go back to work. He seems very nice.  Esther is such a great lady. During the lesson, she helped teach her children about Joseph Smith and why it was necessary for the Doctrine of Jesus Christ to be restored. She has a very strong testimony of the Gospel, and wants to be a better example to her kids. 

We also had a lesson with RJ and his grandma Margie. They are both such sweet spirits. RJ has been coming to church since October or so on his own, and we have just began teaching him and his grandma. They are so sweet! Tiani came with us, and is such an amazing teacher. She got back from her mission in December, and is still such an awesome missionary. 

Last week, President Slaughter invited us to participate in a study of 10 Teachers in the Book of Mormon. Even in just this first week, I have learned so much! These are chapters of the Book of Mormon I have read before, but it has been so wonderful to study them with the perspective of who the teacher is and how he teaches. It has increased my testimony so much of the power of the Book of Mormon, and that it was indeed written by holy men, men called of God. Here are the 10 teachers and their teachings. I hope you all are able to study them and get to know them as well.

-NEPHI: 1 Nephi 21-22
2 Nephi 30-33
​: ​
2 Nephi 9-10
​, ​
Jacob 4
​: ​
3 Nephi 11
​, ​
3 Nephi 27
​, ​
Mormon 9
​, ​
Moroni 7-8
Ether 12
​, ​
Moroni 10
​: ​
2 Nephi 2-3
​: ​
Mosiah 2-5
​: ​
Alma 11
​, ​
Alma 34
​: ​
Alma 7
​, ​
Alma 12
​, ​
Alma 39-42
​I: ​
Mosiah 15-16
​: ​
Helaman 14

I am so grateful for this time I have had to be a full-time missionary. I have seen myself be changed and molded into a better person. I am excited to take everything I have learned and everything I have become back home and use it to continue in the Work of Salvation. I will forever be a missionary. I might not always have a nametag, but I will forever declare the truth I have come to know. I will do all in my power to be an example to all around me. There is so much more to missionary work than a year and a half. There is enough for a lifetime and more!

I love you all. Have a wonderful week!  

Hermana Megan Dean

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Joy of Families

Hola Todos!

I just want to start off by saying how much I love this Gospel and the Restored Church of Jesus Christ. I know with all my heart that it is true and living it is the only way to return to the presence of our Father. 

This last week has been so great. We have met with some great people. 

Earlier this week, we had a lesson with David, and he shared with us something he had written in his journal. It was about his journey to the truth. He testified of how he knows Joseph Smith is a prophet, that the Book of Mormon is true, and he knows that he did what the Lord wanted by being baptized. He recognizes that he has joined a huge family and support system. He is grateful for the help he has received and the support the branch has given him through this journey. 

He shared this yesterday as part of his testimony during Fast and Testimony Meeting. It touched many people's hearts, and they went up to him after and thanked him for sharing that experience and testimony. It was so sweet, sincere and heartfelt. 

This Gospel is so special and dear to my heart. There is so much comfort that I have in my life because of it. One of my most favorite hymns about Missionary Work is "Go Forth With Faith". The second, in particular, brings the most comfort. It says,
"Go forth with love to tell the world
The joy of families--
That we may be with those we love
Thru all eternity."

I LOVE this truth. I know that families are central to the Plan of God. They are not just for this life. Through the power of God, we can be sealed together in a family unit. As we each do our part, we will be able to enjoy the blessings of a forever family. This truth is so near and dear to my heart. I love my family so much, and I know that I can be with them forever, as we continue forward, faithfully and firmly taking hold of the Iron Rod, all the way to the Tree of Life. 

I love you all. Have a wonderful week!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Reconoce quién eres y actúa como debes

Hola Todos!

This week has been fantastic!
This morning, we received our transfer information. Hermana Gibson and I will be staying here in Lockhart for this next transfer. I am so excited. Lockhart has become one of my favorite areas. I love the people here so much, and have learned so much from them.

David is doing so great. He is still reading the Book of Mormon-- he started Mosiah the other day--and he is participating more and more in our Sunday classes. He loves the gospel, and loves everything that he has learned.

Tracy is doing well too. As of right now, she no longer has a date for the 13th of February, because she has some habits that she wants and needs to quit, but doesn't think she can do it before then. She still wants to be baptized, and wants to continue coming to church and meeting with us. She has such a sweet spirit, and loves learning. 

This last week, President Slaughter invited us to study in depth the Missionary Handbook. I have personally LOVED this study so much, and have learned even more. I have seen how much of the Missionary Handbook has to do with obedience. Really, all of it does. One of the phrases President uses all the time, which really is the underlying principle, is "Know who you are , and act accordingly." If we do this, there will be no misunderstandings about rules or standards. As we learn and know who we are, we begin to see a greater, grander perspective. We understand that we have commandments for a reason--that God loves us and wants to protect us. As we understand this, we act accordingly: We keep the commandments because we love God, not because we fear punishment or simply want the blessing attached. 

I know who I am--I am a daughter of Heavenly Father, who loves me, and I love Him. I am a servant of the Lord, called by Him and assigned to serve here, in Lockhart, TX. Because I know this, I will continually strive to act accordingly.

I love you all. Have a most wonderful week!

Hermana Dean

​The Page family has a couple of donkeys. This is Eeyore. 
Over the course of my mission, I have kept track of the companions I have had and the areas,and zones I have been in....Now it is all filled in!

Monday, January 25, 2016

All In!

Hola Todos!

This week was so great! For starters, David got baptized and confirmed! He is so happy, and feels so much peace about his decision. 

Saturday was a crazy day, but so great. Sister Whitman's daughter was baptized before David, and so the members of our branch were there for both baptism services. Everything worked out so well, and flowed so smoothly. David was so happy. He chose who he wanted to speak at his baptism, and they did such a wonderful job. Brother Simmons spoke of how the gate to return back to our Heavenly Father is repentance and baptism. He compared it to his brother's land. If you want to get onto his property, you have to go through the gate. If you want to go see the cows, you need to go through that gate. Same with the horses or goats. If we want to get back to our Heavenly Father, we must go through the gate he has shown. 
Ruby, one of our awesome members who has been helping us teach David since the beginning, spoke about how the Holy Ghost will help him in his life. She talked about the comfort and love she has felt through Him. She bore the sweetest testimony of how happy the gospel makes her. (She is preparing to serve a mission, and is already such a powerful missionary)

The rest of this week was so wonderful.
I have seen, so many times over my mission, the hand of the Lord guiding us as we do His work. I know I have been sent by Him to teach repentance and to baptize converts. This is why I am here! I know I have been called of God through prophecy and revelation. There is nothing I would rather be doing right now in my life. I cannot imagine what my future, the future of my family would have been like if I had not chosen to serve a mission. I don't think it would have been a horrible life. But my life has been changed so much from the things I have learned, the people I have met, and the experiences I have had. I love this gospel so much, and I am so grateful for this time I have to be completely devoted to the Lord and His work. 

I love you all! 

All in!

Here's David with Brother Briggs and Brother Gutierrez, who baptized him.
These are the clothes Sister Kimble made for him. 
The pants were a little long, but it worked, and he likes them. 
He says they'll keep his feet warm. He's so great!

Monday, January 18, 2016

2 Timothy 4:6-7

Hola Todos!

My goodness. This week has been so wonderful! Sister Gibson and I have seen so many miracles here in the Lockhart branch. 

David will be getting baptized this Saturday! He is so excited. A little nervous, he says, but confident in what he has chosen to do. He has seen a change in his life from following the commandments and doing what is right. It has been amazing to see this change in him. He is more confident, he feels more of the love of the Lord, and he knows what he should do. 

Tracy committed to be baptized on the 13th of February. We are so excited for her! She is such a sweetheart. She recognizes all the blessings she has received from coming to church and learning more. 

A couple of weeks ago, we met with Juliana and her husband Richard. (She is a member, he is not... not yet anyway). We read in the Book of Mormon with them, and invited them to read the next chapter. This past Friday, we got a call from Juliana, and she told us she and Richard have been reading every night together, and that he wants to learn more! They are the sweetest couple.

This Church is true, my friends! I know it with all my heart. It is Christ's church. He guides us through living Prophets and Apostles. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much, and wants all of us, His children, to return to Him. We all have to make the decision to follow His counsel. It is our choice. I have made my choice, and I shall never look back. I am here on God's side. I will fight to the end. 

A short while ago, I read a scripture that describes how I feel: 2 Timothy 4:6-7

"6 For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.
 7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:"

I still have the rest of my life ahead of me, but I will stay converted. I will not be shaken.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Miracles All Around!

Hola Todos!

This week has been so amazing! We have met so many wonderful people, and so many investigators are progressing! What a week!

First off, David is getting baptized on the 23rd!!! We are so excited for him. He is super excited too. Last night during our lesson, he told us that he had called his siblings and told them he was going to get baptized, and they said if he did, they wouldn't have anything to do with him. 
As he told us, he was tearing up, and said he didn't know what to do. He said he didn't want to disappoint us, we told him that wasn't what was important-that it is a decision between him and God. 
Hermana Ramirez was with us, and she bore a powerful testimony of the importance of baptism. David told us he knows it is all true-the Book of Mormon, the Church, that he should be baptized.. he just didn't want to lose his family. He isn't dependent on them financially or anything, but that is still a hard decision.
Hermana Ramirez talked about how it is his decision and no one else's. He recognizes all the love and fellowship the branch gives him, and knows he has lots of friends who love him. He ended up deciding to still be baptized. We are so proud of him. That would be such a hard decision to make! But he knows what is true, and wants to follow the Lord. So. He will be baptized on the 23rd! We are so excited for him. 

Next milagro:
Thursday night, we met with the CUTEST family. Barbara, Xavier, and London. Rewind to Christmas night: we went caroling with the Branch, and went to the Hennans. They live across from Barbara. Xavier came out while we were singing to the Hennans, and called his grandma, Barbara out to hear us too. We sang for them, and after, Hna Gibson and I talked with her for a bit, and gave her a card with our number on it. 
We tried going by a few days later, and no one answered. A couple days later, no one answered. Then, we went by on Thursday night, and THEY WERE HOME!!! We sat down and began talking with Barbara, and before we even started talking about the Restoration, she said she wanted to come to church with us on Sunday! Then, as we were teaching them about the Restoration of the priesthood, we invited the three of them to be baptized on the 13th of February. They said yes, but then Xavier says: "But Grandma. We've already been baptized." (we hear this a lot. ... and we were a little nervous for the response)  Barbara said, "Well, yes, I know. But we need to be baptized by this power." ... uh. Yes! That's right! It was so wonderful. She understands the need to be baptized by this power. How awesome is that? At the end of the lesson, she said she was excited for church and for the 13th. (people hardly ever remember their baptismal dates..She is just so great!!). Barbara is the cutest lady ever. Xavier is her grandson, he is in High School. London is 8 and is the sweetest little girl ever. 
They didn't end up coming to church, but we think it was because Sunday was Barbara's birthday. But, we have an appointment with them tonight. They are such a wonderful family. Barbara knows what we share is true and good. She told us she would have a list of people for us to go by and share it with. Wow. They are so amazing!

This week, we also had exchanges. Sister Espinoza came with me to Lockhart (one of her previous areas) and Hermana Gibson went to Riverside (her very first area) with Hermana Collier. --Side note, we have the best Sister Training Leaders. They are such wonderful Sisters who know how to listen to and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. It truly is a blessing to have them as our leaders. 
Exchanges were amazing! I learned so much from Sister Espinoza. She is such an amazing leader, and has so much love for the Lord and His work. It was such a privilege to work with her.

This work truly is the Lord's work. He is at the helm and is guiding us to those whom He has prepared! I know this to be true with all my heart. I love being a missionary, and will forever be one!

I love you all!  ¡Que tengan una buena semana!

Hermana Dean

Exchanges with Sister Espinoza 
(Don't judge our squinty-eyed smiles.. The sun was in our eyes)

Black's BBQ!! Super yummy. 


Monday, January 4, 2016

New Purpose Statement

I can't believe I forgot to include this! 

In our mission, we have a purpose statement. Our old one went like this:
"I have been called of Jesus Christ, through inspiration, to serve in the Texas San Antonio Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I will boldly invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end.

I will stand for truth and return with honor.

'Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people that they might have eternal life.'

'He aquí, soy discípulo de Jesucristo, el Hijo de Dios. He sido llamado por él para declarar su palabra entre los de su pueblo, a fin de que alcancen la vida eterna.'

Every Sister, every Elder, every month"

President Slaughter sent the new one in his email today. It helps us see our purpose as missionaries even more clearly.

"I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ,
called of Him through prophecy and revelation,
and assigned to serve in the Texas San Antonio Mission.

I have been sent to teach repentance and baptize converts.

This is who I am and this is why I am here!

I invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.

My decision has been made. I've put my hand to the plough. I've crossed the line.

So as much as in me is, I am ready to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Every Sister, every Elder, all in!"

This is who I am. I have been called and set apart to serve Him. I hope to be able to live up to this expectation and purpose, so there is no doubt in anyone's eyes that I know who I am and that I act accordingly.

A Brand New Year!

Wow. I cannot believe that it is already 2016. It feels so unreal almost. I hope you all had a safe and fun New Years. 

Our investigators are doing so well. David, Tracy, and Nikki all came to church. They are all doing so great! David is still planning to be baptized on the 23rd of this month. He is excited, and loves learning. He participates in class at church, and always has great questions.

Tracy is doing amazingly well! She loves coming to church, and feels a difference when she comes to ours, and has noticed things in her life going better. In our lesson with her last week, we talked about the Plan of Salvation, and she really liked that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is what helps us through life. She has so much faith in Jesus Christ, and wants to do what she needs to in order to follow Him. 

Nikki and John are fantastic! They are still waiting to hear back about some things, but are still working toward being ready for Nikki's baptism. She is so great, and has changed things in her life so she can follow the commandments and receive the blessings God has for her. 

I love this branch so much. The members here are all so sweet and loving, and want to do all they can to help strengthen new members and to share the gospel with all those around them.


This last week here in the mission, we have studied The Doctrine of Christ. President Slaughter encouraged us to study a couple conference talks as well as a few chapters in the Book of Mormon, in order to help us understand and be able to teach clearly The Doctrine of Christ. Well, what is the Doctrine of Christ? Primary age children learn and recite it when they learn the 4th Article of Faith: 

We believe that the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel are: first, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; second,Repentance; third, Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins; fourth, Laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost.

This is the Doctrine of Jesus Christ. It is simple, it is understandable. It is what will help us return to our Father in Heaven. I know this doctrine is pure. God is our loving Father in Heaven, and through His chosen servants, He has given us the knowledge we need in order to progress toward life eternal.

I love you all! Have a most amazing week!