Monday, September 7, 2015

7 Septiembre 2015

September??? Where on earth did August go? Wow. I just can't believe how fast time flies. 

This week was super great. We have been challenged by our leaders in the mission to not hesitate to invite people to be baptized. As we have taken this challenge, we have seen many miracles, and we have been able to meet some amazing people. I am so excited for our investigators. 

One of them, Zoila, has been meeting with the missionaries for a couple months. We were able to meet with her, and talked a bit about the Restoration. She remembers a lot, and has still been reading her scriptures. We invited her to be baptized, and she said she wants to find out if this is true, and something she needs in her life. She knows it is good, but she wants a witness that it is true. Which is great! She works on Sunday's, and it is really hard for her to request them off, because nobody wants to work Sundays. But she said in two weeks she should be able to come. She still is reading her scriptures. She is so amazing. 

Another is Thelma. She is super great. She says she knows the Book of Mormon is true. She just wants support from her family. We also invited her to be baptized, and she said when she knows the church is true, then yes. So we will be visiting with her and her family, trying to help them understand and know the truth for themselves. They are so great!

Another miracle. We were headed to a lesson, when the person we were going to have a lesson with texted us and said they weren't home. So, we had already gone to the neighborhood, and we had some other people we wanted to go by. We went by one family, who had met with the missionaries previously, but weren't acting, so the missionaries stopped going by. When Apolonio, the dad, answered the door, we told him we were the missionaries. He said, "you should come back. We need to learn more. Why did you stop coming by?" He and the family had still been reading in the Book of Mormon, and didn't know why the missionaries stopped visiting them. We have an appointment with them later this week. 

Another miracle
Sister Cannon and I were meeting with a member, Victor. We were taking about the sacrament, when his son, Steve, who isn't a member, came and joined us. Steve has visited with the missionaries before, from the YSA Ward, but had stopped for a while. He did tell us he has still been reading the Book of Mormon, and that he feels peaceful when he does. We set up an appointment for this last Saturday with Victor and Steve to read from the Book of Mormon together. When we went for the appointment Steve was asleep. So we still met with Victor, and read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with him. Just when we were almost done, Steve came out. He said sorry he had just woken up, but wanted to join us. He said he has been making more time to read from the Book of Mormon, and really likes reading it. He then told us, "I think you call it the comforter... Yeah well I've felt him and I really like it". We talked a little about the Holy Ghost, and the gift of the Holy Ghost that comes after baptism. We asked if he had any questions, and he said, "yeah, so how do I go about asking to be baptized into the Mormon church?" Just like that, my friend, just like that. We gave him the number for the missionaries in the YSA Ward, and he said he would go to church that Sunday. Oh my goodness, it was so amazing! 

The miracles are truly out there. I know it, I have seen them. I know there are so many people who are just waiting for the truth, but are "kept from the truth because they know not where to find it". We are working hard to find the elect. The most repeated promise in Preach My Gospel is that Heavenly Father is preparing people to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. 

I do have to say, I just LOVE my companion. She is so wonderful, and helps me become better everyday. She is so close to the Spirit, and so in tune with the spiritual promptings. I have just learned so much from her in these three weeks we have been together.

I love you all! Have a most fantastic week!


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