Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Little About Me. :)

Alright, so I sort of just realized that I have not fully introduced myself... So, better late than never!! ;)
For starters, my name is Megan ( hi Megan!) ... I am the second youngest of 6 kids, fun family fact, there are three boys and three girls, and all our names start with either M or J!  *ahem* Back on topic. I am 21 years old, and as you know, am preparing to serve a mission.

I have lived in Clearfield, UT my whole life, apart from two years of college in Price, UT.  I graduated from Clearfield High School in 2010, and then in the Fall of 2010, I moved to Price to attend College of Eastern Utah, now referred to as USU Eastern. I completed two years of schooling, and then moved back home.

I am working as a governess for the sweetest family ever. I take care of three kids, L, N and T. L will be turning 14 this year.. (yikes teenager on the move!). N will be turning 12 in June, and will be in Young Men's, and will be able to pass the sacrament on Sundays ( So cool but so weird to think of that! ). And finally, T will be turning 2 in just a couple weeks. I have been her governess since she was 3 months old. Wow, time sure flies!!

A little more about me... Umm. I am very much a geek. Yes. I love it. I enjoy Star Trek, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars and so many many more. I love playing all sorts of games, whether they are computer, video, board, card, etc etc etc. I love them all! My current obsession is Minecraft. It is super fun. I totally made a group of tree houses all connected together by bridges.. Totally a Swiss Family Robinson feel going on in it.

I am also a huuuuuge Disney fan, lover, geek.. All of it. Like seriously. My dream job is being a princess at Disneyland or Disney World. Like seriously. Biggest Disney fan. EVER. I hope I am conveying how much I love it. ;)

Uhmmm... I think that is really everything about me.. Like, what you would really want to know, anyway. I doubt you'd want to know like what color my boogers are or whatnot. ps. they're green.

So, until next time!!

-Sister Dean

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