Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Submitted!!!!

Hey all!

Can you believe it??? They are finally submitted! I met with my stake president this past Wednesday, and he submitted everything. I know. About freaking time. ;) But it's all good. I am glad it is all done. In 2 or 3 weeks, I should have my call. I am super excited. It has not really 'hit' me yet that I will be serving a mission.. Like one of those things that doesn't seem realistic until it is actually happening... Like graduating high school, going to Disneyland,...things like that. But, all the same, I am excited.

My hope is that I will have my call before Mother's Day.... because then I can open it while skyping my brother on his mission! :) But if not... then obviously that will be ok. I am just hoping that all of my family can be there for when I open it. Wow. My bruddah has been out for 264 days. That's crazy! My mother thinks I will be leaving around July or August, which will be the year mark for my brother. So it will end up being 3 ish years until I will see him!

I won't be doing any shopping for mission stuff until I have my call... But once I do, I am planning on posting outfits and where I got them, which will hopefully help any future Sister missionaries who read this blog ;)

Well, until next time!!

-Sister Dean

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