Monday, March 23, 2015

23 March 2015

Hello everyone!!

This week was so fantastic! I know, I say that about every week, but it is so true! I cannot believe how fast March is flying by. So much happened this week. It feels like so long ago already.

We were able to teach a lot of lessons this week. I'm so excited for the people we are teaching. They really are the best!

There is this one family, Victor, his wife and kids. His wife is Catholica, but he is really interested in what we have to teach him. We met with him last night, and read a little from the Book of Mormon. It definitely seemed he recognized it as the word of God. I'm really excited to see how it goes with him, and his wife and kids. They are such sweethearts!

Earlier this week, there was a CRAZY rainstorm. The rain drops were like the size of golf balls. We got SOAKED. It was so great. I wish I would have taken a picture. Oh well :)

Friday, we had a Zone Conference, and took the Spanish Test. I passed Tier 2!! Finally! I'm super excited. Now for Tier 3. It's gonna be great.

Also at the Zone Conference, Elder Frampton gave a training on how we can serve better. We read in D&C 4 that we should serve with all our heart, might, mind, and strength...  ( This is one verse where I like the Spanish translation better. Instead of might, it says "alma" which means soul. )

The challenge he gave us was to find things in our lives that are hindering us from serving the Lord with all our heart, might(soul), mind, and strength. I made some personal goals of how to better myself, and I am super excited to see the outcomes.

Sunday was our District Conference. (like Stake Conference, but we are a District, not a Stake)
It was so amazing. The theme was "Tell Me The Stories of Jesus". The speakers talked about how we need to read and learn from the Stories of Jesus, so we can better emulate Him, and better help those around us learn about Him.

President Slaughter also spoke about one of the stories of Jesus. This one happens to be my favorite :) The calming of the tempest, found in Mark 4. The Apostles and Christ were in a ship, when a storm began. The apostles began to fear, and woke Christ, saying, "carest thou not that we perish?" They feared, and forgot that Christ is the maker of Heaven and earth. His response was, "Peace, Be Still". After He said this, the waves stopped, and the wind ceased. President commented, perhaps Christ was also speaking to the apostles when He said, "Peace, be still".
Sometimes, we may feel like we live in a world that is a storm-tossed sea. There may be hardships and trials, and we feel like we will perish. We cry out, "carest thou not that we perish?" or "don't you care about me?" We have moments of doubt. We forget that we fought in the pre-existence for these trials and hardships. We wanted this. We need to remember that. Peace, be still.
President also told us of a sign that is in the institute building in San Antonio. It says, "if you can't find 20 minutes to read your scriptures, then find an hour."
It is so true. President said, "If you can't find 20 minutes to commune with the heavens, then your life is out of order." Sometimes we need to re-prioritize our lives, and make room for Christ.
The Lord's response time is immediate. What is ours? When He knocks, do we answer? When He leads, do we follow? When he commands, do we obey? 
President closed with this: "The Lord knows more than we could ever imagine. Peace, be still. Trust. Have faith. Realize He knows more."

I love you all so much! I am so very excited for General Conference in 2 weeks! I hope you all are planning on watching it :) I most definitely am. What a privilege it is to hear the words of the Prophets!

I love you all so much!!
Love, Hermana Dean

We had sooooo many Mangos with Ruben! They were so yummy. Also, the best Chile I've ever had!

Super pretty sunsets

Gorgeous Sunday!

Weirdest Rooster of my life!

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