Monday, August 17, 2015

17 August 2015

Hola Todos!! 

How are you all doing? This week has been pretty good.
We have been searching for a family to teach. We did have a lesson with the Raudales Family. That was really good. They still haven't come to church though. So, for our next lesson, we are going to have a church tour with them. They are so great. I know this gospel will bless their lives. They just need to act on it. :) They really are so great, and they have SOOOO many family members. I hope we can help them come closer to Christ.

SO. This week is transfer week! Gahh! Where has the time gone?? But. They are changing how they let us know about it. Instead of calling each of the missionary companionships the Sunday before transfers, they are now just sending out one email on Tuesday at 5 ish with all the information on who is staying and who is leaving. So. I won't know until then. (Since we have our ipads now, we can check our email any day during the week, but only can respond on Mondays.)  So. Next Monday, I'll for sure let you know. :) 

Ahh. So, on Tuesday, we got a call from Elder Presser, our Vehicle coordinator. He told us that our gas card had been compromised, and that we couldn't use it. He will be getting us our new card on Thursday(this coming one), and until then, we would have to use our Zone Leaders' card or another missionary's card. We had enough gas to get us through to Saturday, and we asked the Zone Leaders if we could use their gas card to go fill up, but they didn't have theirs either, because their car was in the shop. Oops. Bad on our part for not checking sooner. So we were trying to figure out another person. We were going to meet up with the Mt. Bonnell Sisters up in Pflugerville, but then, Hallelujah! The moving Elders called us and said they were at our apartment to pick up our old mattresses. So, we met up with them, and then they helped us fill our car up with gas. Hoorah! 

We are also able to use Duolingo on our Ipads!! hooray! I love it. It helps a lot with vocabulary and retaining all the stuff I have learned. It has been really great. I am so very grateful for the tools Heavenly Father has given us to help the work move forward! I love you!

I love you all so much! I hope you are having a good last few weeks of summer. Gahh! Where has the time gone??
I love you!
Hermana Dean

That Texas Pride....

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