Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10 2014

Hello Everyone!

This last week was so great. I absolutely love it here.

Tuesday was so nice! It rained and rained! It was a little sketchy driving back home at night, but we got there safely.

Wednesday, we had a district meeting, and talked about how to contact people, and practiced it. It was good. ... We also had a discussion about how to study doctrines from PMG chapter 3.

The steps to study effectively:
Desire to learn
Study with real intent
Hunger and thirst after righteousness
Search for answers to investigators questions and concerns

In 1 Nephi 10:19, there are promised blessings to those who seek truth and knowledge.

On Thursday, we met with the Relief Society Pres, to get to know her a little more. She just moved here a little bit ago, and was just put in 2 Sundays ago.

Friday, we had a Trainer/Trainee meeting with President Slaughter. It was so great! I learned so much. President Slaughter talked about Fear. When we have fear, we do not have faith.
-Perfect love casteth out all fear
-Knowledge cancels out fear
-Trust in the spirit-->more confident
-Ask for help
-Role play- helps remove fear
-Understand your purpose

You can either have faith, or you can have fear and doubt. Faith should not move. It should not--and does not-- have anything to do with the members, investigators, your family- nothing. You should have confidence in Christ. Know you cannot do this on your own, and exercise your faith by turning to the Lord.

Saturday-- We knocked the majority of the day. It was really cool. We met some nice people. None of whom, at the moment, are interested in our message, but I know in the Lord's time, he will reveal those he has prepared to receive it

On Sunday, we went to church.... And after, we went to visit Ken. He was on our potentials list, and we stopped by last week, but he was busy, and said to come back later. We went yesterday, and taught him the Restoration... he is Catholic, but seemed genuinely interested in what we taught him. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and he said he would read and pray about it. I am excited for him :) Because of his crazy work schedule, our next appointment isn't for a couple weeks... But I will definitely keep him in my prayers!

I absolutely loved this week! 

Until next week!

-Hermana Dean

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