Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello from Texas!!!

Hello all!! 

Texas is so great!! I am loving it here. We are in the Encino Park Area. Funnily, I am in an English Speaking area... But my companion speaks Spanish, so I am still able to practice it. :)

Funny story about my companion.... So on Thursday, I got my companions. I was put into a Trio with Sister Murphy and Sister Tyree. It was great! We taught a couple people that night... And then we found out that I had to change companionships. I am now with Sister Vivas. What happened is that Sister Vivas and Sister Marble were supposed to be companions, but neither of them could drive. Sister Marble didn't bring her driver's license, and Sister Vivas is on her last transfer, so she is red-dotted, and can't drive. So, they switched me and Sister Marble, and I am the designated driver... :) it's great!

So I will have to figure out a different way to upload pictures... The computers here don't read my camera... so... I'll have to do it later. 

This week has been so crazy!
So last Tuesday, the 28th,  we had a Devotional at the CCM. Elder Clarke from the 70 came and spoke to us.
He talked about his mission, and how hard it was for him to learn Spanish. Then he started talking in Spanish, and did not realize it! His wife had to come up and tell him that he wasn't speaking English. It was cute.  
He talked about 3 principles that will help us as missionaries.
1. Diligence is 10x more important than intelligence
2. Process of work will be a great benefit in life after the mission. Know how to work. God rewards work.
3. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. If you do, Latinos-the descendants of Lehi- will help you out.

He then talked about the blessings and promises from the Lord if you fulfill your objective and purpose as a missionary:

~ D&C 84:88  Angels all around you, you'll be able to do all things
~ D&C 100:1-2 Your families are well. They are in mine hands.
He then talked about how we should include our families in our missions. As we do this, they will be blessed. He said if we have a problem with an investigator that we aren't quite sure how to solve, ask your parents. They can help you. 
Include your family on your mission. Tell them what you are studying, and invite them to study it also.

~ D&C 18:15-16  ,  D&C 15:6  Joy comes from bringing souls to Christ. These relationships last forever. You cannot pay anything to receive the Joy of saving souls. Decide today that you will be a missionary who returns to those who have been baptized.  Everything they hold dear will flow back to when you helped them become a member of the Church.
~ D&C 31:5 As we help others repent, He will help us repent. 
~ D&C 24:12 Learn to talk with everyone ---> Strength that is not known among men. As you trust Him to open your mouth, He will put those He has prepared in your path. Talk with everyone. It doesn't matter how good your Spanish (or other language is) they will feel your spirit. You don't need to be perfect in Spanish. You do need to be perfect in listening to Heaven.
Always ask, "Who do you know who we can share our message with?"
~ Matt 4:19 Follow Him and He will make you fishers of men.

You must know that Joseph Smith's experience really did happen. Your investigators must know that it really happened. If they don't know it, they won't be able to progress.

He then closed his talk with this, " May the blessings of heaven be with you and your family as you righteously serve Him"

It was so great! Such an awesome way to end my time at the CCM.

On Wed. The 29th, I left for and arrived in Texas! It was so great. The flight was good... I didn't get to talk to anyone though my neighbor on the plane was sleeping the whole time. :( Oh well.

On Thurs the 30th, I got my two new companions. Hoorah! Our area was Alamo 1st YSA. We had dinner with a LA, Riley. She took us to Firehouse subs. It was yummy. We talked about how Christ prays for her, and wants her faith to be strong. She was really sweet. 
We also got a referral that night and taught Tyson. We taught him about the restoration. He seemed really, genuinely interested. I hope they got a return appointment.
After that, we went to visit Shawn, a recent convert. He is so great. We talked about the importance of missionary work, even if we aren't set apart as full-time missionaries.
This was about the time I found out that I was going to be switching companions. So we went back to the apartment, and I packed up again... :)

On Friday the 31st, I got my new companion, Sister Vivas. She is from Reno, Nevada. She is so great! I'll definitely send pictures when I figure this computer thing out. :) During the day, we went and knocked doors. We don't have any current investigators, but a few potentials. So we didn't teach anyone. One of the members, David Arroyo took us to dinner. It was great!
We had to be in early that night, because of Halloween, so at 6, we went home.

Saturday, we went knocking again. Nothing so far. Everyone we have met says they already have religion, which is usually Catholic or Non-Denominational Christian. It is pretty interesting.
No luck so far with getting an investigator.... 

Church was good. It was Fast Sunday. 
We had dinner with the Roberts family. She made Tortilla Soup. So yummy. I got the recipe to use later :)

Annnnnnd that brings us back to today! I am excited for this week. Hopefully we find someone to teach. :)

I love you all! 

-Hermana Dean

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