Monday, January 5, 2015


Hello!!!! And happy happy New Year!! I cannot believe it. This year just flew by!! I can't believe it is 2015 already. I feel like it's still October! Craziness. 

So this week was great! We worked a lot to find people... Because we don't really have anyone we are consistently teaching. But.. It was a good week :)

I can't remember if I told you all this before or not... But a few weeks ago, we were knocking a street, and I saw in one house's window, an Angel Moroni statue! So we didn't knock it, thinking it was a member's house... we went back to the car to look and see what member lived there..but there wasn't! So we went back and knocked... But no one answered. We have been back a couple times, but so far,... same result. I am so intrigued by this house. I wonder if the owner's know that's what it is... or what.. :) I'm super curious. So, whenever we are in that area, we try it. :) 

Nothing much really happened, other than the normal schedule ... :)  But it was still a great week. 

I love you all!!
Hermana Dean

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