Monday, November 23, 2015

23 November 2015

Hello! This week has just been so great. I love every minute of my mission. I really do. 
This last week we had Zone Conference, baked cookies, had exchanges, amazing lessons, and it was all so great!

Sister McCombs came up with us on Friday, and spent the day in good ol' Lockhart--which was her first area. How cool is that? Sister McCombs is a powerhouse. I am so grateful for the chance we had to work with her, and to learn from her. 

During our exchange, we went to Gonzales, and had a lesson with the sweetest lady, Shirley. She lives in Hermana Hernandez's neighborhood, and just loves Hermana Hernandez. She wanted us to go over with her, and share some scriptures to help her feel better, because her health had been not so good lately. We went over, and Shirley had some family members over. They invited us in to share a quick scripture. We shared 3 Nephi 17:7,9. Shirley and her family loved it, and all talked about how grateful they are for the healing we receive through Christ. I know that healing is real--whether it is physical, spiritual or emotional healing, I know it is real, and comes through Christ.

We also made cookies for some investigators and members this week. We took some over to Ariana and Alex, and set up an appointment for Tuesday. They are so sweet, and seem prepared to act on the promptings of the Spirit.

I love y'all so much, and am grateful for your examples of Christlike love to everyone. 
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Exchanges! On a VERY windy day. (p.s. Buc-ee's is the biggest gas station I have ever seen in my life!)

Remember how I mentioned we live behind the high school? This should sum up what Friday nights have been like.

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