Monday, November 16, 2015

Did I Hear Someone Ask For A Miracle???! (Or two or three?)

Hola Todos!

This week has been so wonderful, and full of miracles. 

Tuesday, we were able to have a lesson with David before he left with his family. We talked about prophets, and how they are called by God to lead and guide us. He feels blessed to live in a day when the Lord has called a prophet on the earth.

Earlier this week, we went to Luling to visit Sister B. She had been sick for a bit, and we wanted to go see her. We get there, and find out her son and his family have moved in with her! So cool. Her son, J, has been a member for a while, and hasn't been able to go to church for about 6 months. He told us there was no way he was missing it anymore and that they would be there on Sunday. His family came with him. N, I, and W. They are super cute. N is  not a member, but wants to be baptized. She has a couple things she is trying to work through so she can. We are so excited for her! 

A couple weeks ago, we knocked into Ariana. We told her who we are, and of the message we share. She told us she really needed it, that she had been feeling down and needed to feel happy. For whatever reason, we weren't able to have a lesson with her right then.. I think she was getting ready to leave, or something.. I'm not sure. But we left her with a card and our number, and she said she would call us. A couple days later, we go by, but she wasn't home. Her husband, Alex, answered and said she was at work, but said to come by again.  We went by on Friday, but no one answered. There was a man outside of the other side of the duplex, so we talked to him for a bit. He wasn't really interested, so we went on our way. 

Mind you , this was Friday the 13th. Lessons almost always fall through on Friday the 13th (or maybe it is just coincidence...;) )...This past Friday was no exception. So we didn't have any set lessons, and weren't really sure where to go. We thought about it for a bit, and left to go to a family that had previously investigated the church. We got about 5 minutes away, when we received a phone call. The number wasn't saved in our phone, but we answered anyway. It was Ariana! She said she was home, and that her uncle (the man outside) said we had come by. We asked if we could come over, she said if we weren't too busy... (nope!) We went over, and she talked to us, and opened up about a bad experience she had quite a while back in a different church. She said this experience made her nervous and even a little scared to go back to church. We talked a little about the healing power of the Savior's sacrifice, and how learning about His gospel will help her overcome this traumatic experience and find the peace she is searching for. We had an amazing lesson about the Restoration, and invited her to be baptized. Her response: "Yes. I really would like to be baptized by someone who has that authority." wow. She really wants to have the truth in her life, and her husband wants it too. We gave her copies of the Book of Mormon for her and her husband, and she said they would read it together and talk about coming to church (she wasn't sure about their work schedule). 

I know the Lord is preparing people-not only to hear His word, but to accept and live it as well. I feel so blessed to be here, serving Him, and being an instrument in His hands, as He accomplishes His great work. 

I love you all!

Oh! I almost forgot that this last Thursday was transfers. Well, Hermana McBride and I will both be staying here in Lockhart. :)


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