Monday, December 21, 2015

¡Feliz Navidad!

Goodness. This week has been so wonderful! Every minute of my mission has been. This last week was transfers, and Sister McBride left Lockhart for the Border. I am still here in Lockhart, and Hermana Gibson is my new companion! I love her so much. She came into the mission just after me, and we have had many of the same companions. I have heard so much from her from so many people. 
Thursday was so wonderful! We had a lesson with Carol and Daniel, two people we met a couple weeks ago. We were a little late for the lesson, and Carol told us she thought we weren't going to come, but was so excited that we showed up. We talked with them about the Restoration, and they totally understood.  They understood that only God can give His power to people, and only through the power of God can we be baptized and receive other ordinances. Wow. It was such a powerful lesson. Hermana Gibson is such a powerful teacher, and she lives her testimony. We invited them to be baptized, and they both said yes. Daniel started tearing up, and said he felt warm and peaceful inside his heart. It was so sweet! We are so excited for them.

Other news, David is back in town! He was gone visiting some family for a while, and wasn't going to be back until January, but texted us on Saturday letting us know he was back in town. We had a lesson with him yesterday, and he told us he had been thinking. He said, "I still want to be baptized. I have some family stuff I need to deal with first, but I really do want to get baptized. I was thinking for a date, the 7th of February. It's right before my birthday. Can we do that?" ...uhh.. Yes! Yes we can! We talked about how we want to go through the lessons with him again, to help him more fully understand, which he is excited to do. He loves the Gospel so much, and wants to do what is right. It has been kind of hard for him to do both religion and deal with family problems, but we are trying to help him understand the relief and peace that comes from putting our life in line with the Savior's teachings.

I know God love us so much. I know Jesus is the Christ, and that through Him, we are saved. Without Him, we are lost, fallen, and sinful. But through Him, we can overcome our sinful nature, and become the Sons and Daughters of God that we were meant to be. I love my Savior, and will forever be grateful for the wonderful blessings I have received in my life because of His life, His death, and His resurrection.

Merry Christmas!!

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