Monday, December 7, 2015

A Savior Is Born

Hello all! 

This week has been so wonderful. I truly love every moment of my mission.

This week, we have the wonderful opportunity to attend a conference with Elder Pino of the 70. I am so excited for this spiritual feast.

Lockhart is such a wonderful area. We have so many wonderful people that we are teaching.
Rhonda came to church!!! It has been the hardest thing to get ahold of her for the last couple weeks. She is struggling right now because of some family issues she has to deal with, but she came to church yesterday, and loved it. It was super cute, because there were a lot of members that thought she was a member too. She just blended right in with everyone. Rhonda is doing great. We have an appointment with her on Tuesday, which will be great. I love her so much, and am excited to help her see and receive the relief that comes when we take Christ's yoke upon us.

Every year, on the first weekend of December, Lockhart has a festival put on by the library. They call it "A Dicken's Christmas in Lockhart" or "Dicken's on the Square". It is a HUGE festival with booths, crafts, you name it. And our branch, for the last couple years has done free crafts for the kids. Most other things at the festival cost money. But the crafts we do are free, and are super cute. They made angel ornaments, Christmas tree ornaments and reindeer necklaces. It was the cutest thing! I want to come back for next year so I can see the rest of the festival.

The branch here also purchased a set of bicycles for us to keep in Gonzales. We have our own bikes we use in Lockhart, and our bike rack is not very good, so we don't take them to other cities. And when we get rides from members, they usually don't have a way to transport our bikes either. So, the branch purchased some new bikes for us to keep in Gonzales for when we work out there. And they are great! We get to talk to so many more people than we would just walking around. I love this branch so much!

We have had many opportunities to share the new church video, "A Savior Is Born" with many people. They all love it, and it really brings the spirit. I hope you have all watched it, and have some people in mind with whom you will share it. 

Like I said in the beginning, I love every minute of my mission. It is the best! I would never trade these experiences for anything. I love you all! I hope you have a safe and wonderful Christmas season. As many of the Texans we meet on a daily basis say: "Y'all be blessed!"

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