Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last Email From The CCM!

This week has been so amazing! I know I say that in all of my emails, but it is so true! Each week just gets better and better. 

This week, there was quite a lot that happened.
On Friday, we taught Fransisco and Nina once more. Fransisco agreed to be baptized! Hoorah!!

On Saturday, I finished the Book of Mormon! Also, Elder Neil L Andersen came and talked to us. It was so cool! We were able to shake his hand also. He spoke about the Atonement. It was so amazing. He also promised us, " If you will be humble, and approach the mission as it is-a sacred calling-you will find, on many occasions, there will be a feeling in your heart, 'This is a reason why I was sent here' "

He also spoke about conference, and how the 3 senior apostles gave very powerful talks about the Savior.

Elder Andersen said, "Everyone must come to a knowledge of His existence. We need to understand it, and teach it, and feel it."

"We testify of the unseen-which is more important than the seen- the unseen will last much longer than the seen."
"When you feel something come to your mind, and it stays there, you know they are meant for you. Pay attention to them. They are for you from God. "

He also spoke of the Merits, Mercy and Grace of Christ. He said, "Because of Christ and His merits, all men will be resurrected.... Testify to all people that Christ maade possible for all men to be resurrected. "

Because of the Mercy of Jesus Christ, we can all be forgiven. He said, "If you have serious sins you haven't repented of, your mission will be terrible. The only way to get rid of the guilt is to confess them to the proper authority.... Sometimes it takes time for you to forget what happened. But if it has been taken care of by the proper authority, then move forward with faith, and continue on."

"Through the Grace of Jesus Christ, we can be lifted to be someone we are not now."

Elder Andersen ended his talk with this powerful witness: "I know He lives. I know it. I am His witness"

It was such an amazing talk! I loved it so much. The spirit was so very strong, and I learned so much. I know that God has called those men to lead and guide His Church. I know they are true witnesses of Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, we had another devotional, this time a recorded one from Jeffrey R. Holland. It was a talk he gave at the Provo MTC in Januaryt 2013. He talked about the importance of this dispensation and the work we are doing as missionaries. He said, "No dispensation of the Gospel ever lasted. They never worked. They were never permanent. This is the generation that will not fail! In this dispensation, the Savior will come in all His glory."

"The Second Coming has started! It started in Spring of 1820. We are living in the middle of it. The prophesies have begun to be fullfilled! It will not fail."

"How could any of us come on missions, teach, pray, fast, and study as much as you do, and when you're off your mission you just forget about it?... I command you to come home with at least 1 convert, and that had better be you. If that doesn't happen, it is completely on you. It is not something wrong with the doctrine. It is not something wrong with the Spirit. It is on you. Nothing should ever get in your way and make it so you are not converted by the end of your mission."

"This [Gospel] means everything to me. Everything I have in this world that I cherish is because of this Church, and everything that has happened to me seems to be directly related to my mission."

"This is the Gospel of the Savior. When you know that, you have to preach it His way."

"In Mosiah 27:11-20, we read that people were astonished. What does astonish mean? the root word is Tondra, which means Thunder. Go out there and astonish someone!"

This talk was so good!

On Monday, we taught Fransisco again, and talked about the blessings of being baptized. 

On Tuesday, we had another Devotional! Wooh! They are so awesome! My compañera and I were able to sing in the choir they had. We sang "Come Thou Fount", in español, of course. The speakers were some people that are here from Provo. The one is Mark Jarmin (Director of Training, Provo MTC) and Kelend I. Mills (Director of International MTCs)

Mark Jarmin talked about the Book of Mormon, and how it needs to be in EVERY lesson we teach. The Book of Mormon is the keystone to our religion. Without it, we would have nothing.
He said, "Gain a love for the Book of Mormon, and it will help you love your investigators."

Kelend Mills talked about all the different MTCs. "There are 14 MTCs around the world. Every MTC looks different, but they all teach the same thing. MTCs are amazing places. Angels most definitely are there."
He then shared Matt 16:25 "Whosoever shall lose his life for my sake, the same shall find it" 
He said, "Stop thinking about you! Start thinking about something else. Think about your investigators, Think about God's children."

He ended with a quote from President Monson, "Whom the Lord calls, He qualifies" . I know I have been called of God to be a missionary, and I know that if I work my hardest, God will help me become the best missionary I can be.

Wednesday, We had TRC, where we teach volunteers. We taught Israel. He wanted to talk about how to strengthen his faith. We shared some scriptures of faith with him, from Alma and Ether. At the end, we asked him to share his testimony, and it was so special.

So, I decided I want to take 2 copies of the Book of Mormon with me to the airport (one in english and the other in spanish) and give them to someone on the plane or in the airport. I have marked a couple scriptures that I think are really helpful to someone who does not know what the Book of Mormon is, and I am also going to write my testimony in the front. :) I am really excited to see who I will be able to give them to.

Also, this is my last email from the CCM! I leave next Wednesday, at 10 or so in the morning. Everyone else in my district, including my companion, leave Tuesday morning, so I am probably going to be put into a trio- ship with the other sisters going to TSAM. :)

I am so excited! I love you all so much.  
Thank you for all of your support! 
Love, Hermana Dean

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