Monday, December 15, 2014

15 December 2014

This week has been crazy! But so much fun. :)

Monday we met with Lauren and her family. They are so cute. They have 3 little kids, and are just so adorable. I am excited for them. We showed them the He is the Gift video, and they absolutely loved it. We also talked about the Restoration. They had a few questions, which is normal. But I think they definitely felt the spirit. We are going back tonight, to meet with them again. :)

Tuesday was Sister Vivas' last day! She & the other departing missionaries spent the day with President and Sister Slaughter. I was companions for a day with Sister Dimatera. She is originally serving her mission in Temple Square in Salt Lake, but is here for 2 transfers. She is so amazing! When she goes back to Temple Square, you should all go find her and hug her for me :)

Wednesday we had a Zone Meeting all about He Is The Gift-- how to better share it and help people understand it and accept it. It was very good, and I learned a lot :)

Thursday was Transfers!!! Sister Bills is my new compañera! She is so sweet. She is from Layton, UT, and has been on her mission for 6 months. I am her first trainee. 
Sister Bills and Me. :) I know. we're adorable.

Thursday was also our Relief Society Party. It was so well done. The theme was Christmas Past, Present and Future. Prior to the party , the presidency gathered traditions, recipes, etc from people, and put them all in a book for everyone to have. It was so cute! Everyone had so many different traditions, and unique ways that their families focused on Christ. I absolutely loved it!

Friday was weekly planning! Hurrah! That pretty much took up most of our day. It was good though. I feel like our weekly planning session was definitely inspired. Also, Happy Birthday to Larry!!

Saturday, Sister Bills wasn't feeling too well. She thought one of her previous investigators in her area before got her sick. So, we stayed home for the day. I did a lot of personal & language study. It was nice. I'm sad she was sick, but I was grateful for the extra time to study. 

Sunday, we had ward council, which is always good :) Sacrament meeting was good. It was Brandon's mission "farewell" talk. He spoke of things that helped him prepare for his mission. It was good. He will be a great missionary. Also, Happy Birthday to Joy Joy!

Well.. that brings us to today! Which... So far has been great! I am looking forward to this upcoming week. :)

Also, I am curious. How have you all been "Sharing the Gift"? What are some things you have come up with?

Here is one example from a Sister here in my ward. She wrote this poem, and attached it to a little box of treats. I thought this was such a wonderful idea! And so simple. I absolutely love it!

I love you all! I hope your week is fantastic!! 

Hermana Dean

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