Monday, February 2, 2015

2 February 2015

Hola! I hope you are all doing fantastic!

This week was so amazing. 
Last Monday, we went on a tour of San Antonio with a member of our ward. It was so amazing! He was born and raised here, so he knows a ton of it's history, and really cool events. San Antonio is amazing! 
Wednesday, we got to do some service for a family in our ward. They have big oak trees, and lots and lots of leaves fell this year. They haven't had the time to rake them up, so we told them to leave the rakes and bags on their porch, and we would come do it. It was so fun! I loved it. 
Saturday was amazing. Elder Foster, Elder Wright and Elder Russell M. Nelson came and we had a meeting with them, and got to shake their hands. It was so wonderful. Elder Wright talked about how this life is a battle for our hearts. Who are we going to give our heart to, Satan or our Heavenly Father?  Elder Foster talked about how this is Heavenly Father's plan. This is His work. He loves all of us so much, and wants each of His children to have the opportunity and chance to accept His word. He said, "you may not be everything you want to be, but today, you are enough". 

Elder Nelson talked a little about what his job as a member of the Quorum of the 12 was, and then gave us some advice. Even though they don't usually talk to us about getting married, he said, "When it is time for you to find someone and  get married, make sure they love the Lord first. If they do, their capacity to love you will increase."
He also said, "don't waste one minute doing the dumb things you have already done. Get over it, and move on."   One of his main topics he covered was that the Lord uses the unlikely to accomplish that which seems impossible. He gave some scriptural examples, like Sarah having a baby at age 90, or even Mary, being a virgin, giving birth to the Savior. He then gave some personal examples, and told us that we would also have many experiences in life to see the Lord working miracles through us. He said, "know how extraordinary you are. Pay attention to your Patriarchal Blessing. It tells you of your potential."

He closed with an Apostolic Blessing for us. He said, "I bless you that you will feast upon the words of the scriptures, and apply their teachings. I bless you that you will shine like a beacon of light. I bless you with success and joy in your mission. I bless you with the health, joy, and strength you need to finish your mission and return with honor. I bless you with all God knows you need at this time."

It was such an amazing experience to be able to hear these men, called of God. 

I love you all!
Until next week. 
Love, Hermana Dean

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