Monday, January 11, 2016

Miracles All Around!

Hola Todos!

This week has been so amazing! We have met so many wonderful people, and so many investigators are progressing! What a week!

First off, David is getting baptized on the 23rd!!! We are so excited for him. He is super excited too. Last night during our lesson, he told us that he had called his siblings and told them he was going to get baptized, and they said if he did, they wouldn't have anything to do with him. 
As he told us, he was tearing up, and said he didn't know what to do. He said he didn't want to disappoint us, we told him that wasn't what was important-that it is a decision between him and God. 
Hermana Ramirez was with us, and she bore a powerful testimony of the importance of baptism. David told us he knows it is all true-the Book of Mormon, the Church, that he should be baptized.. he just didn't want to lose his family. He isn't dependent on them financially or anything, but that is still a hard decision.
Hermana Ramirez talked about how it is his decision and no one else's. He recognizes all the love and fellowship the branch gives him, and knows he has lots of friends who love him. He ended up deciding to still be baptized. We are so proud of him. That would be such a hard decision to make! But he knows what is true, and wants to follow the Lord. So. He will be baptized on the 23rd! We are so excited for him. 

Next milagro:
Thursday night, we met with the CUTEST family. Barbara, Xavier, and London. Rewind to Christmas night: we went caroling with the Branch, and went to the Hennans. They live across from Barbara. Xavier came out while we were singing to the Hennans, and called his grandma, Barbara out to hear us too. We sang for them, and after, Hna Gibson and I talked with her for a bit, and gave her a card with our number on it. 
We tried going by a few days later, and no one answered. A couple days later, no one answered. Then, we went by on Thursday night, and THEY WERE HOME!!! We sat down and began talking with Barbara, and before we even started talking about the Restoration, she said she wanted to come to church with us on Sunday! Then, as we were teaching them about the Restoration of the priesthood, we invited the three of them to be baptized on the 13th of February. They said yes, but then Xavier says: "But Grandma. We've already been baptized." (we hear this a lot. ... and we were a little nervous for the response)  Barbara said, "Well, yes, I know. But we need to be baptized by this power." ... uh. Yes! That's right! It was so wonderful. She understands the need to be baptized by this power. How awesome is that? At the end of the lesson, she said she was excited for church and for the 13th. (people hardly ever remember their baptismal dates..She is just so great!!). Barbara is the cutest lady ever. Xavier is her grandson, he is in High School. London is 8 and is the sweetest little girl ever. 
They didn't end up coming to church, but we think it was because Sunday was Barbara's birthday. But, we have an appointment with them tonight. They are such a wonderful family. Barbara knows what we share is true and good. She told us she would have a list of people for us to go by and share it with. Wow. They are so amazing!

This week, we also had exchanges. Sister Espinoza came with me to Lockhart (one of her previous areas) and Hermana Gibson went to Riverside (her very first area) with Hermana Collier. --Side note, we have the best Sister Training Leaders. They are such wonderful Sisters who know how to listen to and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. It truly is a blessing to have them as our leaders. 
Exchanges were amazing! I learned so much from Sister Espinoza. She is such an amazing leader, and has so much love for the Lord and His work. It was such a privilege to work with her.

This work truly is the Lord's work. He is at the helm and is guiding us to those whom He has prepared! I know this to be true with all my heart. I love being a missionary, and will forever be one!

I love you all!  ¡Que tengan una buena semana!

Hermana Dean

Exchanges with Sister Espinoza 
(Don't judge our squinty-eyed smiles.. The sun was in our eyes)

Black's BBQ!! Super yummy. 


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