Monday, January 25, 2016

All In!

Hola Todos!

This week was so great! For starters, David got baptized and confirmed! He is so happy, and feels so much peace about his decision. 

Saturday was a crazy day, but so great. Sister Whitman's daughter was baptized before David, and so the members of our branch were there for both baptism services. Everything worked out so well, and flowed so smoothly. David was so happy. He chose who he wanted to speak at his baptism, and they did such a wonderful job. Brother Simmons spoke of how the gate to return back to our Heavenly Father is repentance and baptism. He compared it to his brother's land. If you want to get onto his property, you have to go through the gate. If you want to go see the cows, you need to go through that gate. Same with the horses or goats. If we want to get back to our Heavenly Father, we must go through the gate he has shown. 
Ruby, one of our awesome members who has been helping us teach David since the beginning, spoke about how the Holy Ghost will help him in his life. She talked about the comfort and love she has felt through Him. She bore the sweetest testimony of how happy the gospel makes her. (She is preparing to serve a mission, and is already such a powerful missionary)

The rest of this week was so wonderful.
I have seen, so many times over my mission, the hand of the Lord guiding us as we do His work. I know I have been sent by Him to teach repentance and to baptize converts. This is why I am here! I know I have been called of God through prophecy and revelation. There is nothing I would rather be doing right now in my life. I cannot imagine what my future, the future of my family would have been like if I had not chosen to serve a mission. I don't think it would have been a horrible life. But my life has been changed so much from the things I have learned, the people I have met, and the experiences I have had. I love this gospel so much, and I am so grateful for this time I have to be completely devoted to the Lord and His work. 

I love you all! 

All in!

Here's David with Brother Briggs and Brother Gutierrez, who baptized him.
These are the clothes Sister Kimble made for him. 
The pants were a little long, but it worked, and he likes them. 
He says they'll keep his feet warm. He's so great!

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