Monday, March 7, 2016

Follow the Prophet

Hola todos!

We have had a great week. 
This last Tuesday, we met with Sister Rickman. Sister Whitman came with us. We had lunch, and talked about the Book of Mormon, and the power it has in our life. Sister Rickman loves the Book of Mormon, and wants to keep reading it regularly. The Book of Mormon truly is so amazing! I love what it teaches us about our potential as sons and daughters of God. 

Sister Whitman invited Sister Rickman to the upcoming General Conference session for the women of the church, and she said she would go and is excited for it!

On Friday, Sister Gibson and I were invited to attend MLC-Mission Leaders Council. It was really neat to see our leaders working together,teaching how to help other missionaries and how to help our investigators. Something I have noticed about all the trainings I have seen, or even given, is that they aren't about something crazy and new. They are basics. They are found in Preach My Gospel. They are essential for a missionary to be successful. Going to MLC really pumped me up to give even more and do even more than I am these next couple weeks. I don't want to slack off right at the end. I want to "cross the finish line" (of sorts) giving all that I can. 

Saturday, we went over to the Barnes' house for dinner. Sister Barnes loves us so much that she said she wants us to come over for dinner every Saturday. She is such a sweetheart, and has such a strong testimony of the Gospel. 

This Gospel is so true! There is nothing on earth that could ever make me deny it. Through Joseph Smith, Christ restored His doctrine and His Priesthood Power to the earth. It is here today! We have a living prophet. He was chosen by God to lead us and guide us throughout our life here on earth. If we follow him, we won't go astray. I am so excited for General Conference. Think of it. Not only do we have a living Prophet on the earth, but we have the chance to see him and hear him speak the words of the Lord twice a year! I am so excited to hear the words of our beloved Prophet and the Apostles. We will truly be blessed for following the men the Lord has chosen to lead us. 

​I love you all so much! Have a most amazing week. ​


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