Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's next?

Okeedokeee.. :) I am still so very excited about my call. And a little nervous. Basically, I have the Summer, and then it will be time to go! Eek!

Anywho, I thought I would write a post about what comes next.

1. After receiving your call and celebrating with your fam, next comes sending the Brethren your acceptance letter. Because, after all, it is a CALL, not an ORDER. In the back of the packet is a paper you cut out and write your acceptance letter on.  It doesn't have to be super long, basically just letting the Brethren know you are accepting this call.... (hence the name, acceptance letter)

2. Pre-Mission preparation!  On the missionary portal, there is a list of all the things you need to do to prepare for the mish. Among these are: updating vaccinations, watching The District, reading & studying & practicing the lessons in Preach My Gospel (PMG), read the missionary handbook, brush up on your genealogy, and making a profile. Among these, you should also be praying, reading the scriptures, attending the temple... All of the cute little Primary answers.

3. Your packet has a list too! It comes with all these handy dandy instructions, specifically for your mission. Whether or not you'll need to apply for a passport, what clothes and supplies you'll need.... lots and lots of info.

4. After you know what you need, you get to go shopping!! Hoorah! This is the stage I am at right now. Go through your closet, and see what is there that you could take. I have a few skirts already that would go with pretty much anything. I do need to shop for some more skirts, blouses, dresses and shoes, though. My plan is to raid Deseret Industries (DI) and Savers and find some awesome buys. I also want to check out Ross, F21, and Target. You'll also want toiletries, a first aid kit... stuff like that.

5. You'll probably be asked to speak in Sacrament meeting before you leave... I don't leave until September, so I haven't been asked to speak yet. And to follow the Mormon tradition, you'll most likely have some sort of open house with yummy food so your friends and family can say one last goodbye.

6. You'll be leav-in' on a jet plane.... don't know when you'll be back again....  Jk. you'll be back in either 18 months or 2 years! Woo hoo for you!!

Hopefully this helps any future missionaries out there!

-Hermana Dean

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