Monday, February 1, 2016

Reconoce quién eres y actúa como debes

Hola Todos!

This week has been fantastic!
This morning, we received our transfer information. Hermana Gibson and I will be staying here in Lockhart for this next transfer. I am so excited. Lockhart has become one of my favorite areas. I love the people here so much, and have learned so much from them.

David is doing so great. He is still reading the Book of Mormon-- he started Mosiah the other day--and he is participating more and more in our Sunday classes. He loves the gospel, and loves everything that he has learned.

Tracy is doing well too. As of right now, she no longer has a date for the 13th of February, because she has some habits that she wants and needs to quit, but doesn't think she can do it before then. She still wants to be baptized, and wants to continue coming to church and meeting with us. She has such a sweet spirit, and loves learning. 

This last week, President Slaughter invited us to study in depth the Missionary Handbook. I have personally LOVED this study so much, and have learned even more. I have seen how much of the Missionary Handbook has to do with obedience. Really, all of it does. One of the phrases President uses all the time, which really is the underlying principle, is "Know who you are , and act accordingly." If we do this, there will be no misunderstandings about rules or standards. As we learn and know who we are, we begin to see a greater, grander perspective. We understand that we have commandments for a reason--that God loves us and wants to protect us. As we understand this, we act accordingly: We keep the commandments because we love God, not because we fear punishment or simply want the blessing attached. 

I know who I am--I am a daughter of Heavenly Father, who loves me, and I love Him. I am a servant of the Lord, called by Him and assigned to serve here, in Lockhart, TX. Because I know this, I will continually strive to act accordingly.

I love you all. Have a most wonderful week!

Hermana Dean

​The Page family has a couple of donkeys. This is Eeyore. 
Over the course of my mission, I have kept track of the companions I have had and the areas,and zones I have been in....Now it is all filled in!

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